Kick Ass Commandos is definitely a fun time killer if you enjoy over-the-top action shooters. The game’s vintage pixel art style is a nice throwback to the classic games of yesteryear, and the metal soundtrack gets your adrenaline going.

Kick Ass Commandos

Genre:Adventure Developer:Anarchy Enterprises

Kick Ass Commandos game developed by Anarchy Enterprises which is a violent top down shooter game which makes you feel like a “Rambo”. If you enjoyed games like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Soul Knight  then you would definitely  love what Kick Ass Commandos has to offer. Game offers you more ideas in the depth at the same time There are a few problematic choices here though that some players might be uncomfortable with.

When your are under some stress, you feel like to to get rid of it by blowing stuff up in video games, in games like csgo, that you can play with different resources online. Trust me — it’s a great way to relieve your stress levels. I find dual-stick shooters are best, according to me touch screen controls usually work out well. Kick Ass Commandos has only a select few missions available, but don’twory developer will be adding more as development moves forward, and also add a campaign of some kind. With the available content you can only manage to get about two hours out of the game, but that was without replaying any levels, and only playing on the Medium difficulty.

what will surprise you is Kick Ass Commandos was its outstanding level designs. Every level crafted with specific intentions and ideas in mind. Game inspires chaotic actions from the player, but you can’t go into every situation head first with your guns blazing. You will inevitably get killed in any of the game’s 4 difficulty settings. Diving in and out from behind cover is absolutely integral during some situations in the game. There are also different objectives for completing each level, such as getting to “da choppa” and collecting classified files. The variety of mission objectives and well-crafted levels kept each playthrough feeling fresh and satisfying, despite me doing the same “rinse and repeat” actions of shooting bad guys.


 Blast it

The game wears its retro inspiration on its sleeve. And it’s not just in the chunky pixel graphics. There are 80s action movies references woven into the fabric of everything you do. It’s no accident that almost every level sees you having to get to a chopper. There are bandanas and heavy weapons aplenty here. You often feel like Schwarzenegger mowing down waves of incompetent goons, and that’s no bad thing.

Sometimes though you’ve got some help. You can collect prisoners who join in with the shooting. They have their own health bars, and they move and shoot at the same time as your main hero.  While some of these prisoners are essentially cannon fodder, others you’re going to need to keep alive to complete your missions. This is sometimes easier said than done when entire armies of heavily armed soldiers are bearing down on you.

Other missions see you blasting tanks, taking down specific soldiers, or just murdering everyone that moves. Some of the game’s ickier moments come in those slaughters.

One is called “Don’t Drop The Soap” and involves killing a lot of naked people in a shower.

It’s not enough to ruin the fun, but it does feel a bit unnecessary. Sort of like those optional levels in CoD games that added nothing but shock value to the experience.

Shooting up

Still, there’s a really good game here. The violence is poised almost perfectly between the past and the present. The controls are sharp, and the challenge level is pretty much spot on. For just a few quid you’re unlikely to find a better retro arcade blaster anywhere. And that’s high praise indeed.