Do you want to play interesting logic game rather then thoughtless diamond explosion? Diamond combinations is a free classic match 3 puzzle game that have unique game features to provide logic combinations.diamondcombo

The game features:
– Back move function. Almost all similar games don’t have this function. In this game all level moves can be reverted as if you haven’t done it.
– Any delay or suspension for user. The game is lightweight and fast enough. Player won’t be waiting for something loading even on old smartphones.
– Built-in media player. There are no more annoying game melodies. Player can choose sd card directory with his own music collection.
– Wide variety of moves. In the game player is not restricted by small quantity of available moves. It gives a lot of possibilities.
– There is the board of incoming diamonds. Those player can see up to four diamonds in incoming stack for each column.
– New diamond game figures: Brush, Gun, Snowflake, Lightening, Star. Each game figure has own possibilities.
– Glasses is trying to fill only predefined cells for the level while glass spreading. But that process is fast enough to balance game difficulty.
– The board of incoming diamonds and back move function give an opportunity to develop combination of moves.
– The game don’t requires an internet connection.

The game hints:
– use back move to thinking over combination;
– use interchange figure and figure or figure and diamond with lightening to charge the figure;
– save game to store your last game position;
– prepare figures and diamonds with lightening to make continuous combination;
– position figures or diamonds with lightening on the square where a glass have been broken to prevent glass restoring.


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