Every now and then comes an app that is unique in its own way and also provides an out of the box method to solve various issues. The android app Attention Grabber is one of them. Its utility is far fetching and surprisingly more than we can fathom without using it. We are sure there were times when you wished you had a placard with you so that you can grab the attention of the one you desire amidst a crowd of other people. Well, this app is for all those times. img4

How does it actually help?

This app provides you the virtual assistance of a sign board maker that can fit right into your pocket. You might be tempted to think that how can a sign board maker be of such assistance? Well, you surely haven’t thought about the times you went to pick someone unknown up at the airport and failed to grab his or her attention. Or the times you desperately wished for a signboard for hailing a taxi or requesting for the check in a restaurant and even calling the bartender. There are endless possibilities where a portable sign board maker can save your life and this app does exactly that along with making you look cool while doing it.


Do we really need it?

The app is actually excellent in terms of its features and utility. Its design and interface is very user friendly. Users can choose between 8 variations of text color and the same for background colors. Three sizes of text are available with 8 unique font styles. One can also get his text to blink incessantly which will make it more distinguishable and help to grab the attention more effectively.

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So, we can say that this one is a killer app and can be used both in Smartphone and tablets. Sometimes grabbing attention is not at all easy. With the Attention grabber app, you will find it a little less difficult.