This Week’s 15 New Mobile Games You Need on Your Phone

While July was a bit slow on the major mobile release front, August has already more than made up for last month’s lighter load. This week alone has so many great new titles that we couldn’t narrow it to fewer than 15, and even this list left out some easily recommendable downloads. Between fantastic DLC for some of our favorite games, a bunch of retro goodies, a massive cat-filled RPG, and a handful of really interesting puzzlers, we’re swimming in great new games. So let’s not waste another second not playing them.

This Week’s 15 New Mobile Games You Need on Your Phone

1.Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne

Genre:Adventure Developer:Blizzard Entertainment

While technically not a “new” mobile game, the latest expansion to Hearthstone adds so much content that it’s absolutely earned a place on this list. Knights of the Frozen Throne introduces the Lich King to Blizzard’s collectible card battler and a slew of undead to do his bidding: 135 cards have been added in this update, including Death Knights, transformative Hero Cards, and the vampiric new keyword, Lifesteal. Tons of new missions and rewards accompany all these goodies along with freebies just for playing, which, c’mon, we were going to do anyway.

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2.Titanfall: Assault

Genre:Adventure Developer:NEXON M Inc.

Titanfall: Assault is the fast-paced FPS series’ second attempt at moving to mobile, after card game Titanfall: Frontline was cancelled earlier this year. Assault is closer to a Clash Royale-style strategic base defender, with a real time card system allowing you to deploy units as soon as you have enough supply points. Those units are taken straight out of the Titanfall universe, with pilots boosting over buildings and massive Titans raining down to crush unsuspecting grunts, creating a powerful mobile mashup.

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3.Cat Quest

Genre:Puzzle Developer:The Gentlebros Pte. Ltd.

just say that I love this new game to pieces? It’s called Cat Quest [$4.99] and it’s a heavily streamlined, very mobile-friendly take on an open-world action RPG. Yes, it features cats and that automatically wins it points in my book. And yes the cat art is so adorable it even wins some bonus points. But it’s not all about the cutesy cutesy in Cat Quest, as these gentle bros need to be commended for hitting all the marks that make for a fun RPG adventure without losing anything in the process of condensing it down for a pick up and play mobile experience.

Developer The Gentlebros cite Cat Quest’s inspirations as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Skyrim: three series/games that will always perk our ears. The adorable feline hero of Cat Quest sets out on an epic adventure to save his “catnapped sister,” and subsequently finds himself scouring dozens of dungeons, taking on tons of sidequests, and generally exploring and battling across every inch of the gorgeously colorful world. This one is a must-play for fans of RPGs, adventures, cat armor, and lots and lots of cat-related puns. Whether you even like cats or not Cat Quest deserves the attention of anyone looking for an entertaining and satisfying adventure.



Genre: Strategy Developer:TAITO Corporation

RAYCRISIS is the third installment in Taito’s RAY arcade shooter series from the ’90s, and its release completes the trilogy on mobile. RAYFORCE and RAYSTORM brought their fast-paced vertical air battles to touchscreens smoothly, and RAYCRISIS looks to continue that tradition. However, for players who want a more classic experience, MFi controllers are supported. With multiple ships to control, difficulty modes, and even endings, RAYCRISIS should fill your shmup needs for quite some time.

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Genre:Puzzle Developer:LIME TURTLE, INC

One genre that’s always high on our mobile wishlist is the monster-collecting/battling RPG. While Pokémon Go scratches part of that itch, we still dream of a full-fledged Pokémon game like those we’ve been playing on Nintendo handhelds since the late ’90s. Nexomon looks like it could be what we’ve been waiting for: this premium monster-catching RPG features 300 Nexomon to collect and train, a huge world to explore, and lovely anime graphics in battles and cut scenes




Genre:Puzzle Developer:Sega

Another of this week’s blasts from the past, Ristar is the next addition to the SEGA Forever catalogue, which is attempting to slowly revitalize classic SEGA titles by making them downloadable for free on iOS and Android. Unlike many of the previous inclusions, Ristar was not previously available on mobile. This colorful platformer has a Sonic-styled aesthetic but features slightly slower, more exploration-based gameplay that requires using the anthropomorphic star protagonist’s stretchy limbs to punch, swing, and fling himself around the game’s six unique planets within the Valdi System.

Ristar is a fantastic Genesis platformer, certainly one of the best looking and playing games on the system. From the opening “Play with me?” to his climatic battle against the villain Greedy, the little yellow star and his stretchy arms offered a gorgeous world and captivating gameplay. The game may have been neglected in the past due its late release and the incoming 32-bit hype, but looking at eBay prices, those days are long gone. People now know who the shooting star is, and the game is frequently among the list of Sega properties which has fans clamoring for a sequel. More Ristar would be great, but remember NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams? Golden Axe: Beast Rider? Yeah, maybe it’s best we leave things be lest we have the Sega of today taint another beloved but neglected franchise.

Thing is, Ristar already kind of has a sequel. Though not branded as such, the Game Gear release of Ristar features many new additions and levels to make it more than just a watered down Genesis port. Even though the game takes its cue from its Genesis brother with most of the stages aping the style of their console counterparts, changes to the level design and gameplay has them feeling fresh, almost like new DLC courses using existing (albeit 8-bit looking) assets.

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7.Combat Squad

Genre: Developer:A-33 Studio Co.,Ltd

Combat Squad is a tactical first person shooter in which you create and customise your own team of five and compete against other squads from around the globe. By commanding your team the game’s AI will then figure out the best way to carry out your orders. The major selling point of the action is apparently its DIVE system, meaning that you can easily switch between each of your characters in battle. There’s also a tidy seven game modes, including Deathmatch and Survival Zombie.

While this year has already seen a surge in fantastic first-person shooters on mobile, Combat Squad comes from a veteran team of former Counter-Strike Online developers and looks to feature the level of polish we’d expect from that pedigree. This tactical squad shooter offers 1v1 battles against AI or other players, as well as 5v5 squad skirmishes where you suit up with teammates. The DIVE system lets you swap between squad members and take control of individuals directly for added engagement and precision, while the detailed perks and customization options help ensure your other characters are prepped for battle.

Combat Squad is a tactical FPS from ex-developers of Counter Strike Online

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8.Swim Out

Genre:Adventure Developer:Lozange Lab

Swim Out is a stunning turn-based puzzler and relaxing poolside puzzler that challenges players to paddle their way across a pool filled with aquatic obstacles ranging from other swimmers to floaties and even kayakers. Everyone in the pool will move after you do, requiring you to plan your next position based on the direction they’re facing and the distance they will travel to avoid direct collisions or becoming trapped between bathers. There’s a lot of careful strategizing involved, but the muted color scheme, soft background music, and untimed turns offer a laid-back aura to this summery challenge.

Swim Out has the best of all puzzle game traits: It is easy to understand and play. You swipe to move in the direction you wish anywhere on the screen and off you go. It’s a turn-based game, so once you move the other occupants of the pool move as well. If you run into one, or they run into you the game is over and you’ll have to restart the level. Swim Out  is a clever new puzzle game about a blue-capped swimmer looking to navigate their way through a great many high traffic pools.

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Genre:Strategy Developer:kubra sezer

kubrain is a match-3 puzzler that requires using gravity to transport its colorful cubes from the floor to reach their matches. It is a matching game at heart but with the very unique twist of having the playfield be a three dimensional cube. Colored blocks roll into the cubes from the sides and you can swipe to change the direction of the cube which is crucial for changing the location of the blocks inside so that you can make matches with the incoming blocks. This 3D block the cubes roll into can be swiped in any direction to change what is the current floor and to drop any cubes from an upper level down onto those below. Cubes will vanish when three of the same color touch, opening up more space for new cubes to be added and rotated around the block. While the idea seems simple at first glance, it requires thinking in multiple dimensions and planning out not only where cubes will appear but also how your manipulations will affect everything already inside the game board.

Gravity is also in play as the blocks will always fall towards the bottom of the cube after you change its position. and its a unique gravity based matching puzzle game


10.Dice Mage 2

Genre:Strategy Developer:Tapinator, Inc.

Dice Mage 2 brings back the luck-of-the-roll-based RPG battles of Dice Mage with even more enemies to tackle, equipment to earn, and worlds to explore. Players will take on foes in a dice-based battle system with explosive ivories and devastating spells. Even if you’re on a losing streak, Limit Breaks offer a chance for redemption and the 4,000+ pieces of equipment provide added protection so you can keep on rolling.


11.Silly Walks

Genre:puzzle Developer:Part Time Monkey Oy

Silly Walks is an adorable arcade walker whose greatest challenge is the awkward gait of your hero. Players control bizarre anthropomorphic foodstuffs as they waddle across tables, over hot stoves, and past hungry lawn mowers in an attempt to save their fruity friends. Most of the game is a QWOP-ish “one foot in front of the other” challenge, although unique obstacles like unplugging waffle irons or hopping into giant slingshots add a puzzle element to the stages. The endearing googly-eyed graphics of everything makes success extra rewarding and even just hobbling around a sweet treat.


12.The Quest: Celtic Rift

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Redshift

The latest expansion for the updated version of Redshift’s fantastic first-person RPG, The Quest, Celtic Rift brings the first installment of the Celtic trilogy to the enhanced edition. The addition of Celtic Rift to the HD version of The Quest is a good sign that both Celtic Queen and Celtic Doom will also be updated in the near future, but players will have plenty to keep them busy within Rift alone. This expansion sends you to the Islands of Lubdan within the country of Loegria where 70 new quests await.

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13.Cavefall: Endless Adventure

Genre:Adventure Developer:Isak Persson

Cavefall: Endless Adventure is an endless vertical faller that requires precision jump timing. Players will control a spelunker as he dives into a treasure-filled cave and quickly vaults between both sides of the narrow corridor to avoid spikes, bats, and even random wall-breaching tentacles. During fast and frantic runs, players can collect power-ups to aid their high score attempts, as well as notes to unlock new levels and the history of the Arctic Expedition





Genre:Puzzle Developer:GalacticThumb

MAZEY is a rotating maze game that challenges players to guide a small blue ball around a set of self-contained corridors and to the exit. Your only controls are tapping left or right to rotate the maze, which will roll the ball along with it, but the movement is so responsive that it feels like you have much more precise control over what’s happening. Your ball will need to collect orange squares to open the exit as well as dodge hazards like spikes lining certain sections of the maze, creating very tight–and rewarding–paths to victory.


15.Nitro Chimp Grand Prix

Genre:Adventure Developer:Thumbspire Inc.

Nitro Chimp Grand Prix brings the joy of monkey-karting–previously available in Super Nitro Chimp–back to mobile. This 3D racer is a bit like Excitebike meets Mario Kart, with tons of hills and boosts to ramp off of and race-changing items to dish out. Nitro Chimp Grand Prix takes the three lane autorunning of Subway Surfers and combines it with the racing battles of Mario Kart.

On paper, that sounds like an excellent idea. The driving taken care of so you can focus on dodging stuff and throwing big bombs at your opponent’s smug faces.Tons of equippable customizations, gameplay modes, and the option of offline play ensure you’ll be able to race the way you want, anytime, anywhere. Nitro Chimp is made up of a bunch of worlds full of levels. Complete every level in a world and you’ll face the boss. Beat them to move onto the next world.



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