The search for the perfect music app for your smartphone is never ending. No matter which app you use you are bound to find something more impressive than that. That is why practically there is no perfect music app. But the new music app available across both IOS and Android platform, BeatWare is something that attracts your attention from the go. Once you have used it you will want to keep it for as long as possible. 

Why is it so praiseworthy?

Let us start with the basic. A music app must provide the listeners with an excellent musical experience. This app doesn’t fail in that rather it provides one of the best experiences in terms of music quality that the users have experienced in quite some time. The bass effect of this app is quite up to the mark. Moreover, the treble and beat options provide the users the scope of modifying their favorite song as per their will.

The most appealing aspect of this app is its taptic feature which allows the app to produce musical sensations that bear meaning with the help of its technology. Taptic sensations are sensations of touch. That means this app turns your musical experience into a physical one. You not only hear the music but can also feel it by touching the screen due to its taptic features. It’s like being in a concert; the music thrives through your skin as if it is hitting you in the right areas.


beatware2We could not find many things that we disliked about the app. Maybe the fact that it was 65.97 Mb made the users raise their eyebrow but considering the features it provides; its size is truly justified. The appearance of the app could have been modified but all in all it is one the best music apps we have used in a long time.