Lots of new app surface each week and not all of them are must-haves. Presently one of the apps that have been making a lot of noise is Preparture. It is one of those scheduling apps that allow you to fix and plan your itinerary wherever and whenever you need it. Now there have been a lot of scheduling apps since the term scheduling app came into existence. But what are the aspects of Preparture that separate it from the rest and make it a must-have. Let us find out.




We all need an assistant who could plan our to-do list before your departure. Amidst all our regular travel, we often find it diffifult to judge a lot of things that needs to be done at the proper time to avoid missing your departure time. That is why with the advent of smartphones and smart applications we use the help of scheduling apps to keep track of our itinerary. Preparture is one such app but with lots of features that makes it one of a kind.



How does it work?

The mode of transport can be anything, if you are travelling by train, flight, bus or a car, Preparture lets you find out things that you can do while waiting at your place till departure. Hence Preparture.

1. Preparing an itinerary when you are travelling out of town is one of the most tiring things to do while travelling. The features of this app are quite efficient in making sure that all your plans succeed on time and it also allows you to share your plan with your known ones.

2. It comes with the most efficiently calendar we have ever come across. It helps you monitor your schedule accurately by providing travel times to the location with estimated time you need to spend at that point , and the user-friendly graphic interface helps a lot while working on it.

3.The most valuable feature of this app might be the preview feature which provides you an insight of a place you are scheduled to visit. You can browse through pictures and see their operating time and also get an idea of the prices involved at that location. You can be sure of the time you need to plan a selected visit before your departure and also make good use of your boring waiting time during transit.



All in all, this app works perfectly fine as a scheduling assistant for your travel plans and is available across both IOS and Android platform.