The new app that has come off the shelves of Apple’s iTunes store is the Comment It App and we must admit that it has impressed the users in more ways than one. Firstly, its utility is immense. Especially for the present camera clicking generation which is so obsessed with capturing each and every moment in their smartphone’s gallery. Not only does it work fine as an editing app but its primary feature allows you to add a narrative and permanently tag it along with your picture.


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What’s so great about this app?

Think of all those times when you have squandered through your memory while looking at a picture in your gallery and wondered what was it about, when was it taken or who sent it to you? This app solves this problem quite simply. You can add a narrative about the photo and tag it along and that narrative stays with it forever. So now wherever your photo goes the narrative goes with it so you do not have to think twice about the purpose of the photo.


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This app is now dominant on the iTunes platform and is soon to come on the android market and windows PC. This alone proves the recently gained popularity of the Comment It! App.

Embedding a narrative to a photo can be very effective but the process should be simple enough so that the user at least bothers of doing the task. This is where this app strikes a home run with its simple yet attractive appearance, easy user interface and effective features.



There is hardly anything negative to say about this app expects that it is just available only in the iTunes market but this issue is being addressed currently and soon it will be available across other platforms as well. Technically it is one app that should be present in your phone.

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