Spin Addict is An auto-runner with a few twists up its sleeve. The game sees you controlling a spinning-top, avoiding a series of fraught obstacles, and trying to survive for as long as possible

Spin Addict by h8games

Genre:Adventure Developer:h8games

Spin Addict is an interesting auto-runner. I know, that’s a pretty bland statement, but bear with me, because this is a game with a good few tricks up its sleeve that’s well worth checking out. The game sees you controlling a spinning-top, avoiding a series of fraught obstacles, and trying to survive for as long as possible. It looks great, the controls are slick and simple, and there are a couple of interesting ideas here that keep things reasonably fresh.

Spin to win
Each run starts off with you spinning your top. From there it shoots along a narrow walkway. You tap to jump, and swipe down to turn your path 180 degrees. Your top while remain, er, on top, but any obstacle that was heading towards you will now be on the underside of the path. The big thing to remember here though, is that you need to make sure your top keeps spinning. You do that by leaping through yellow machines that add more thrust to your whirling dervish. . In fact, the ‘auto’ in auto-runner is somewhat misleading, as your spinning top protagonist must constantly hit rotating cogs in the environment to give itself momentum, or otherwise it’ll come to a grinding halt. This intuitive mechanic, combined with the expected platforming action and the ability to actually spin the environment, makes Spin Addict stand out amongst an abundance of games that have failed to innovate the tropes of auto-runner titles.There are two distinct chunks to the game. One is endless, and is all about setting a high score. There’s a level-based mode too, that sees you completing specific challenges that remain the same.

Mind-spinning mechanics aside, I was surprised by the presentation and beautiful cel-shaded graphical style of Spin Addict from the outset. It turns out that h8games, the people responsible for Spin Addict, also created 2016 hexagonal adventure title The Little Fox [Free], which stood out to me at the time for its devastatingly effective aesthetic design. Spin Addict follows the developer’s design principles in a similar way – with high-end visual effects from dynamic lighting to movie blur, h8games have gone above and beyond the expectations for auto-runners by creating one that is at home on even the most powerful iOS devices

An original dubstep soundtrack completes this impressive presentation, and 15 distinct levels amongst an endless mode make Spin Addict more than worth your time to download. While it is a free-to-play release, it’s not a particularly aggressive one, and based on the effort that has been put in I feel compelled to throw a few dollars in the developer’s direction. The level mode is in landscape, the endless in portrait. The controls are the same, but in the levels you’re also collecting glowing orbs. The game looks slick and delicious, with flashy special effects and a striking, almost steampunk aesthetic.

You spin me right round

The end result is an engaging and entertaining arcade blast. It’s a diversion, but it’s an impressive one, and you’ll sink a good few hours into it before the shine wears off. It doesn’t break the mould, but it adds enough intriguing swirls and sticky-out bits to it that you’re not going to mind too much.