Games are always fun to play especially the ones on your smartphones as they can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. But not all games are fun to play and among all the tons of games churning out each week, it is hard to decide which ones to play and which ones to avoid. The new game app on the smartphone gaming block is PicDaColor which is a quirky, challenging and fast paced game based on color (as the name obviously suggests). But no matter what, it is fun and the users would definitely want to have it installed on their smartphone.


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The rule of the game is to match the color/text based on what is asked over the painter showing the color on the wall. All you have to do is match the color of the text or the color name to the wall color. The real challenge is however in beating the clock which will run faster whenever you match the right color or right text. The element of time is where the real fun element lies. The concept is simple yet entertaining and have never yet found it to be repetitive. The graphical interface is simple and there is no clutter to confuse the player. Users will get hooked on to the game after the first two or three attempts. The game is also available across both IOS and Android platforms with both links in the end sections.

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Nothing in particular but the people who don’t get interested towards color matching games might feel a bit repelled by it. Though the time effective concept is enough to get users hooked to it, but a few users now and then might get bored of it after playing for a few days.

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Overall the game is one of the many entertaining ones from the developer team and one must have it on one’s smartphone. Download NOW!!!