Scriptbots ARENA is the Android Game about building and programming battle bots in the event driven environment. The player creates unique AI by using user-friendly interface to win in the online leagues or single player scenarios.


Educational value
– Improving abstract thinking,
– Helps to learn basics of programming and it’s much more than just creating sequences. It introduces also parallel operations and communication aspects in reactive model,
– Introduces robotics world.


General game features
– Build custom vehicles (bots). Use unique slots system to plug in parts from different categories,
– Parts have different characteristics and functions (may be light or heavy, consume battery in a different way) which affect your bot’s speed and lifetime,

ScriptBots_3– Create bots logic in unique visual editor,
– Build your Playground. Use arena builder to create your own training field and test your bot’s logic and behaviour,

ScriptBots_4– Group your bots into teams where each bot is independent but also can cooperate with the rest by using dedicated communication parts (radio),
– Watch how your smarter, independent bots destroys enemies,
– Challenge other players bots and win online leagues,
– Sync data between devices.


Logic builder features
– Touchable interface and fluent logic creation (no code – it’s not only for programmers),
– Event driven (reactive behaviour). Your bots behaviour is based on events (Something happens – Event.. my bot is doing this or that – Actions). Events are mainly generated by installed bot’s parts (system started event generated by Frames, low battery event generated by Batteries, object detected event generated by distance sensor, etc…),

ScriptBots_6– Loops to repeat couple of times the same block of actions,
– Conditions (If.. Then .. Otherwise..),
– Background/Parallel – It’s possible to run Action in a background so it means that your bot can drive forward, shoot, and scan battlefield for enemies the same time.

ScriptBots_7– Create non-deterministic logic. If you install Random Number – Generator part, your bot can do some operations randomly with specified probability (sometimes turn left.. sometimes turn right), so the behaviour it’s harder to predict.