Vivu_1Who doesn’t use YouTube. It might be songs, movies, documentary, tutorial…. any video for that matter, the first app we think of is YouTube. And when it comes to all these kind of videos I always like to watch it in full screen and control it remotely. The team at PanWide Ltd. have come up with a unique and excellent app Vivu – Remote screen for YouTube.

With the help of Vivu app you can watch all your favorite YouTube videos in full screen without interruptions and even control them remotely. Isn’t it great?

Its a very simple to use app. You just have to pair the Vivu app with the YouTube app and transform your device in a remote screen for YouTube, you can even start you own YouTube channel and see how it grows through the app.

Vivu_2Vivu has a very simple and clean design with a dark coloured theme. The interface of the app is very user friendly. It is very easy to get acquainted with Vivu.

To start with once you launch the Vivu app, you have to Tap on the “Pair” button. A pairing code will appear on a dialog box. Now you have to open the youtube app and go to Settings > Watch on TV > Enter TV code. Here you have to enter the pairing code. There you go, now you can the watch the Videos on the App screen.

Vivu_3Vivu – Remote screen for YouTube is very responsive and fast. Its available in app store and I highly recommend checking it out.