TuneFighter_IconI have been checking out so many games and I will always be looking for something unique and creative.  When I got my hands on Tune Fighter I was really amazed by the concept of the game. Isn’t it fun to play against the song you love, you are playing a game and enjoying the song too.

In Tune Fighter you have to fight your own tunes. The game starts by choosing the player and you get to select the tune to which you want to fight against. The selected tune is analysed by some advanced algorithm and turned into enemies, obstacles and level shape. Its really an innovative way to fight your own music.

TuneFighter_1Basically the visualized music notes are transformed into enemies and obstacles by the visible transformation plane on the right side of the screen. The idea is that people do not just listen to their music but at the same time also fight against it.

TuneFighter_2The game Tune Fighter features a very magnificent aesthetics and no doubt you will be completely immersed into the game. The bright colors used in the background highlights the obstacles and thus looks beautiful. Also the light colored silhouettes of the obstacles that you come across looks stunning against the dark background. The animations in the game is very smooth and fluid.

TuneFighter_3The controls in the game are very responsive. You have to Tap on the left side to steer the ship down and tap on the right side to steer it up. You have to upgrade your ship to go into challenging battles, for which you need to collect or buy coins from which you can buy extras like time-reverse, time-slowdown and atomic-bombs.

TuneFighter_4The fight becomes harder and challenging as the level advances, which means you can fight the same song with increasing difficulty. You have to buy Diamonds to get more Tune imports and therefore level backgrounds.

TuneFighter_5Tune Fighter is one of the most creative games I have played, really appreciate the work of the Team at DynamicApps GmbH. I highly recommend giving Tune Fighter a try if you love challenging games.