Old Man’s Journey says this about itself: “Old Man’s Journey is a soul-searching puzzle adventure game about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans.

Old Man’s JourneyOld Man’s Journey

Genre:Adventure & Puzzle Developer:Broken Rules

Old Man’s Journey is a game about, well, it’s about an old man’s journey. He’s wandering through a landscape of rolling hills, bobbing boats, and old lighthouses, and it’s up to you to help him get where he’s going.

It’s also a game about memories, about the narrative of a life. It’s sad and sweet in equal measures, and while there’s no real challenge here, it’s an experience that’s still well worth dipping your toes into.

At its core, Old Man’s Journey has you guiding an old man through levels by way of changing the elevations of the various layers of depth in the scenery. That hill that dominates your character and feels like it’s just on the other side of where you’re standing? Grab it with your finger and pull it down so that its edge meets the edge of the hill you’re already standing on. If you can make the edges meet you’ll create a path for the old man, at least from the perspective you’re viewing the game at Monument Valley style, then you can progress through each scene.

Developer Broken Rules uses this neat mechanic to create some pretty interesting puzzles to solve along the way, but that’s really only a small aspect of Old Man’s Journey. The more powerful component of the game is experiencing the man’s life as he recalls various points from his own memories as he travels through the quirky and colorful game world. The lush water color-esque visuals and incredible amount of detail, not to mention the fantastic soundtrack, all come together to create an emotional and incredibly artsy experience.

For old time’s sake

The main mechanic here involves moving the world around so the old man can pass. You’re dragging spits of earth up and down to connect them, then tapping so he can move along them.

It’s a bit more complex than that though. There are waterfalls to get past, sheep to herd, and all manner of other ideas to contend with.

Then the old man will sit on a bench and remember something from his past. After that you’ll move on to the next part of the puzzle.

There are sections when you’re building the track for a train, and ones where you need to move multiple pieces of land multiple times in order to get to your goal.

Like I say, it’s not the most challenging experience, but there’s a wonderful elegance to the experience all the same. And it looks absolutely stunning.

Manipulating the world is fun, and while there are a few sticky sequences, for the most time you can focus on the beautiful vistas and subtle touches the game presents to you.

This is a sedate experience, dripping with love and attention. It’s the sort of game that will make you feel actual feelings.


Olden days

And sometimes that’s what you want from your mobile gaming. This is one to curl up on the sofa with, possibly with a hot chocolate, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Games aren’t all about shooting people in the face. Sometimes they’re about taking a slow stroll through the countryside and taking the time to look at the trees.

It’s not a terribly long experience, but this is the first time I’ve not seen anyone complain about the game’s length. Most people are quite satisfied with the story as is and extending it further by just throwing more levels in or whatever would diminish the overall experience. This is like a perfect movie where you don’t want to see a sequel and don’t want to see deleted scenes (although you should check out our cool behind the scenes look at the development of Old Man’s Journey as it’s quite interesting).

Old Man’s Journey is pretty perfect as is, and as long as you enjoy these types of games and don’t go in looking for a hardcore challenge or hundreds of hours of gameplay, it’s a game that’ll likely stick with you for long after you’ve completed it.