tap me out is the “help me” button that everyone should have on their phone. Simply install, add your trusted contacts, confirm your emergency message, and then if you find yourself in a tricky situation, just open and app and tap your way out of trouble.


A message for parents: We can’t always prevent our kids from getting into trouble, but we can give them a tool to get out of it whenever they need it.


The “tap me out” app is the secret emergency button / panic button / rescue alert button that every child should have on their phone.


The app was designed with the help of The Online Safety Group, a free resource to help teach parents how to keep their kids safe online.


They were finding stories of children who were in tricky situations, such as parties with drugs and alcohol, around kids that were bullying them, in a place they knew they shouldn’t be in, but who also didn’t want to be seen calling or texting their parents. In response to this problem, we designed “tap me out”.