WesternGuns_IocnLooking for gun, weapon or fire-arms simulator? Ready to experience an amazing
gun shooting challenge? Want to try multiple guns for shooting using your
android smartphone? Just start using this amazing Western Guns – Episode 1
to try multiple guns to shoot with. Enjoy an action-packed shooting game
to trigger happy and addictive shooting gamers.

WesternGuns_1You can choose from a wide variety of weapons with different power, accuracy and mag capacity. You will be able to experience bullets exhausting while shooting so that it looks like real-life shooting. While shooting with different weapons or armours, you can capture the image and share with your friends. You can share your weapon images on Facebook or Twitter.

WesternGuns_2Whether you like pistol, sniper, rifle, shotgun, machine gun or any other weapon type, you will find them all on the “Western Guns – Episode 1” game. Just so that you enjoy real life
shooting, you will see realistic fire and smoke while you are shooting using these
amazing weapons.

WesternGuns_3You will also enjoy realistic shooting sounds while you shoot with guns on the Western Guns game. This game is the ultimate destination for all shooting game lovers and is extremely addictive. Are you ready to face the shooting game challenge to hit targets? This amazing shooting simulator game is available for free. So, what are you waiting for? Think no more and download this amazing “Western Guns – Episode 1” app to experience a new level of gun shooting experience.


” Great western setting
” Beautiful graphics
” Various weapons to choose from
” Multiple items you can use
” 3 horse types
” Amazing soundtrack

WesternGuns_5Multiplayer version

Play multiplayer battles with friends or other players.

– 4 different game modes: Team vs Team, Head to Head, Capture the Flag and Area Defense.
– Fun for all ages.
– Powerful arsenal, including: Pistol, Knife, Rifle, Shotgun, Dynamite, etc.
– Amazing 3D graphics, different beautiful environments.
– Intuitive UI for easy navigation.
– And much more.

For those who like shooter game, online multiplayer shooter game, western game.