Courierun_6WHO NEEDS
Application for creating orders for delivery or dispatch for office employees, owners and employees of small businesses, moms and dads with children, grandparents. All who need a courier within their city.

The delivery object can be envelopes, packages or small boxes. In general, everything that can be carried away or taken away, if you work by car, but weigh not more than 12 kg. You pay only to the courier for his work.

Courierun_2HOW TO USE
Use the application to call a courier to deliver or ship things within the city.
1. Choose a city from 52 cities around the world.
2. Specify the number of addresses to which the courier must arrive;
3. Set the total weight of the order, which will be sent from you or delivered to you.
4. After receiving the order price, proceed to the next step.
5. Fill in the fields and confirm the order.
6. The courier will receive your order, and you will.
7. Pay the courier’s work during the meeting with the latter.

Courierun_3The courier either collects the goods and brings them to you, or will come to you to pick up the goods for delivery. Delivery time depends on the total distance between addresses and traffic in the city.

Courierun_4We guarantee that couriers will provide quality services.