LittleLordsTwilight_1Little Lords of Twilight® a magnificent turn-based strategy game from the developers at Bkom Studios. If you love playing strategy based games then Little Lords of Twilight® is really meant for you.

Little Lords of Twilight® features amazing aesthetics that immerse you into the game world right from the time you start playing this game. It’s a turn-based strategy game where the player has to lead their hero and minions to victory.

LittleLordsTwilight_2The game takes place in a fantasy world which has a stunning design and no doubt you will love it at your first sight. The visuals in the game are also eye-catching which clearly shows the effort of the team Bkom Studios in developing this game.

The fantasy world in Little Lords of Twilight® is beautiful yet dreadful, radiant yet dark, wonderful yet terrible. It’s a place where some found refuge and where others got lost and trapped. It’s a place where day and night are synonymous with good and evil.

LittleLordsTwilight_3The characters in the game are skillfully designed. The designs of their outfits are so uniquely crafted. The appearance of the characters will make you fall in love with it. The colors in the game are bold and vivid, which makes them give great contrast to the black background in the game.

The animations in the game are also smooth and fluid and there seems to be no lag in the game. The atmospheric sound track is superb and the sound effects makes the game feel more real.

LittleLordsTwilight_4Little Lords of Twilight®’s uniqueness comes from its multiple day & night cycles mechanics and how they influence the entire gameplay strategies. The changing from day-to-night and night-to-day also corresponds to a dramatic mutation in your hero’s’ appearance, their skill and abilities and those of their minions. Players are therefore tasked with learning how to adapt their strategy in order to defeat opponents that can quickly adopt new shapes and new offensive and defensive powers.

The game Little Lords of Twilight® is a combination of turn-based strategy mechanics, card collectibles and the tactical genre and the game mechanics are based on skills rather than on luck by limiting the impact of randomness. No complex calculations either to let the player focus on what matters the most: fun and easy to learn tactics and strategy.

LittleLordsTwilight_5You have to win games to earn XP and unlock new hero abilities. As you heroes gain experience, a new skill is unlocked with each new level reached. Equip passive and active Nightfalls or SunPops abilities based on your desired strategy.  While Little Lords of Twilight® is primarily aiming at mid-core gamers that are fans of Tactical RPG games, it also targets another more casual crowd. This title will allow soft-core players to rapidly ramp up and be competitive while granting layers of depth to dive into more complex strategies for the mid-core audiences.

The game is completely Free-to-play. The players can access the entire game content without paying. The premium features include cosmetic items and blind bags (filled with random Spell Cards and Currency. Can be won during normal gameplay).

LittleLordsTwilight_6The game puts two players in competition (PVP) for the duration of a match. This calls for a well thought architecture that will allow matchmaking between players as well as a dynamic leaderboard with periodic events / tournaments to stimulate replay sessions. The players also have the possibility to battle against the computer / AI for single-player gameplay in order to practice when testing a new strategy.

Little Lords of Twilight® is an exhilarating game calling for quick thinking and timely reaction.  So far, I’ve been enjoying Little Lords of Twilight® because of the delightful visuals and its timeless music. I highly recommend trying this out. Its available in play store for free.