This is THE game you should absolutely try out this year. On an island where black chimps hate each other, only brothers can stay together and rainbow chimps can even change their colors, your challenge will be to move the colored chimps towards the gold coast.


Each level in Rainbow Chimps is designed in order to make you solve a challenge, and with plenty of levels to go through, you will definitely have no shortage of challenges and problems that you can check out. Since levels can only last 15 seconds, you will need to find the solution very fast. Try to make as less moves as possible to complete a level and reach the highest level you can.


Then more you play the harder the levels will get, so it’s all up to you to figure out the fastest way of moving all children chimps to the gold coast. Rainbow Chimps is a FREE game of strategy and wits, but it also allows you to obtain a very good experience all around, so don’t hesitate and check it out right now, download it and immerse yourself into the ultimate challenge!


• Great gameplay mechanics
• Multiple levels to play through
• Wonderful graphics
• Easy to use interface
• Increasing Difficulty as you play
• Unlimited lives