Trading_gameIt is utmost necessary to test the waters before you jump in, similarly it is necessary to test your trading skills before you start trading with your real money. Trading Game – Stocks Forex Options Gold Bitcoin is a magnificent application by the team at Agents 007 to help you master stock trading and currency exchange.


Trading Game – Stocks Forex Options Gold Bitcoin has been designed very neatly and it suits very well with the modern aesthetics of iOS as well as Android. The navigation and controls are pretty straightforward and intuitive. The light colors used in the game are very pleasing to the eyes. The app is very user friendly and its simple and neat interface helps you learn trading easily.

Trading Game provides real Time professional Forex, Stock, Oil, Bitcoin, Gold trading rates and simulator. The game is rich with fun illustrations, pro trading tips and features.


Trading is all about how you make profit. But there are so many events which trigger the market fluctuations. This app will help you master the art of trading, understand where profit opportunities are hiding and what triggers the market to fluctuate, so you could play the markets.


Trading Game not only provides practise in stock trading, it also helps you to learn currency exchange. It provides live Real-Time rates. It also has line and Candlestick chart for you to give pictorial representation of the stock rate fluctuations. It also stores the trading history which can be viewed whenever you need it.


Trading Game has a Diversified Trading portfolio where you can trade Stocks & also follow other instruments like gold prices. Its also provides you an interactive and fun trading quiz with 400+ Questions in Various Levels to test your knowledge of stock trading and currency exchange.

In Trading Game you can prepare a personalised profile where you can check your stock market game results and set new, higher records. It provides full Trading history & statistics.TradinGame_5

Trading Game – Stocks Forex Options Gold Bitcoin provides everything you need to know about the stock trading and currency exchange. This app is not only meant for beginners, since it provides you lot of tips the people who are already trading can check their trading knowledge and also improve their trading skills. The app is free from ads and available in android as well as iOS.