Planemo_Rush_1Anonymous Software has come out with a new fun, fast paced game Planemo Rush.  The game reminds me of the old computer games. The developers at Anonymous Software have recreated the experience of using a computer on your device.

Planemo_Rush_2The best part of arcade games are that these games can be played in quick sessions and no doubt you will enjoy each time you play. The game Planemo Rush is really a challenging one and it makes you play repeatedly as it makes you to beat your own high score.

Planemo_Rush_3Planemo Rush in terms of visuals, has a unique look and feel. The animations are also smooth and fluid. The challenge increases with the wave.


In Planemo Rush you have to dive, dodge and duck in order to shrink all incoming enemies before they get past you. The game has  6 unlockable characters. You need to be extra careful on arrows as it will end your run if you are hit.


The characters and animations in Planemo Rush are rendered well and are very smooth  and fluid. The controls are also very responsive. In Planemo Rush one has to be very alert, very nimble to shrink the enemies. So far, I’ve been enjoying  Planemo Rush  and I highly recommend you to check if you love playing arcade games.