coNNect_IconIts really a long time I played any unique puzzle game. The best part of puzzle games are that they can be played even for few minutes when you get a little free time from your busy schedule. Its not only fun playing but also helps you release your stress. I love playing puzzles games, that’s why I was intrigued when I got to know about coNNect.  

coNNect_1coNNect is fun and a challenging puzzle game by the developers at HexCell studios. The design of the game is simple but beautiful and it would really appeal to anyone who loves minimalistic approach to games.

coNNect_2In coNNect all you have to do is connect all the lines with same colours. The lines of different colors will be present in hexagons and you have to connect them by rotating the hexagons.

coNNect_3The game coNNect looks very easy at the beginning but as we progress through the levels it becomes more challenging. There will be more hexagons, more types of pipes, and more colors. To add on to the challenge you will have blocks of six hexagons which will have different colors of pipes to be rotated.

coNNect_4It won’t be enough we just rotate the hexagonal block. Once you rotate and find its perfect position you will have to rotate individual hexagons to match the colour and solve the puzzle.

coNNect_5The game coNNect with its simple design makes users easy to understand the controls. The wonderful sound track from HexCell studios also adds to its gameplay. The colourful animations used in the game are superb.


I have been addicted to coNNect since a week. I am sure you will fall for it if you love playing puzzle games. Currently its available in google play store.

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