MentalEnhancemenmt_5Upon extensive scientific research, the Mental Enhancement App has been engineered by Cutting Edge Technology to enhance its user’s cognitive abilities. It does this by targeting 4 main fields of cognition: Memory, Computation, Evaluation, and Attention.

MentalEnhancemenmt_1The games in Mental Enhancement App have been designed to focus purely on augmenting the user’s performance in each corresponding area of cognition. By playing these games regularly, neural pathways related to the trained fields of cognition are strengthened as a result of synaptic plasticity.
MentalEnhancemenmt_2You can keep track of your recent performance in each field by viewing the score-tracking tabs. Your average performance between each field can also be compared, allowing you to see where you are most capable and which field of cognition requires most training.

MentalEnhancemenmt_3The Mental Enhancement App is completely free with full user access, and has no in-game ads to distract you from achieving your brain-training goals.

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