9 Moves™ is very entertaining strategy ball game that is designed for everyone. You can play this game anywhere – on the go, at home or whenever you will have a minute.

9Moves_1Key objective of this game is to move each of nine balls from one side to another without hitting flying objects on the way.

9Moves_2Every new level of this game increases complexity and adds new challenges such increasing number of bullets, faster speeds and additional time constraints.

9Moves_3How to play 9 Moves™ ball game?

Launch the game and follow hints that will be shown on the screen. Wait for the timer to begin count down. Simply tap on the ball and it will move to the right side. Keep tapping on each of 9 balls till all of them will be moved to the right side of the screen. Try to come up with a strategy to avoid collisions with bullets and keep your eyes on timer. You will have 1 minute to move all balls.

9Moves_49 Moves™ ball game key features:
• 4 color themes that can be won or purchased
• Simple yet intuitive design that allows to play this game on any device owned by a user (requires Game Center Account)

9Moves_5• Game center integration to share your scores with your friends
• Sync your scores and progress across supported devices
• Premium feature that allows to disable built-in advertisements
• Unlimited updates and free of charge access to all levels