The app store is filled with look alike games, the match 3, the endless runners, which is why I will be exploring the play store to find unique games. Depth Per Pixel offers a promising new alternative with its new game Thingi which brings a wonderful gameplay to the table.

Whenever I fell like relaxing and still want to keep myself entertained, I just pick up a puzzle game because puzzle games are always stimulating and fun.


The games like Thingi can be played even when you get a little free time from your busy schedule. The game Thingi is designed to be fun time-filler that is full of gesture-led interactions, rewarding animations and smile-worthy sound effects, like a ‘real-world’ toy would.


Visually, Thingi features a simple and clean aesthetic that would appeal to anyone who likes minimalist design. The graphics in Thingi are really gorgeous and looks stunning in retina screens. The controls in the game are pretty simple and responsive.


Like other puzzle games, Thingi is level-based. All you have to do is swipe Thingi’s blocks left and right to match colours in a row, then tap to pop them. You have to pop the entire stack of Thingi’s before time runs out. But you got watch out for the tricky transitions that switch blocks and contend your efforts.


The gameplay looks easy as its starts with pretty simple level but the thrill and the challenge escalates as you progress, where you will have more complex configuration of the levels to test your gaming skills.


Thingi is kind of a game which will keep you hooked and no doubt you will be reluctant to put down. It gives you “just one more level” mentality. I am extremely enjoying playing this game. Its teases your sporting genes as you have to run against the time at every level. I highly recommend checking out Thingi if you want to check your gaming skills.