Super Gridland game is full of adventure, puzzle, and life, death

Super Gridland By doublespeak games

Genre:Puzzles  Developer:Doublespeak Games

Game Super Gridland developed by Doublespeak don’t mistakenly believe that it’s your typical match-three style puzzle game. Don’t get fooled You come across so many situations like life or death consequences here.Sure by day things come easy, too easy perhaps, but by night it’s a different story altogether as this simple puzzle game turns into the survivalist RPG of every 90s kid’s worst nightmares.

In the game you come across so many things like to defeat the monsters, ghouls and skeletons, but on your first few attempts, you’ll be long dead before you can even start to figure out how. Try not to take it personally. It’s not a failure. It’s a learning experience. Once you can get through the first few nights, you’ll find your sweet spot, get a handle on things and start racking up the kills as long as you don’t forget slow and steady wins the race. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the hints will go, as anything more direct might just spoil the fun. If you’re  the kind of a person who loves to read the entire Monopoly instruction booklet out loud to your assembled friends and family on game night? Will you enjoy Super Gridland? Well, presuming you survived the game night, absolutely! Just maybe not at first. A little faith in yourself and your abilities will go a long way. If you’re really worried, take heart that it’s not a social game so no one will see how many times you died on the first night. If you’re still scared to stumble, you can even turn down the heat by switching the difficulty from hard (red) to easy (green) in the menu. Just dive in.


People who love the

turn of the millennium, the pixelated graphics and midi music also help bring us home to when we first fell in love with video games, well before we had the option to tote dozens of them around in our pockets at all times. For the next generation, Super Gridland offers an authentic retro experience. Most importantly Super Gridland is at heart everything a great game should be. It’s fun, challenging, rewarding and more than a little addictive (I wouldn’t recommend picking it up the night before a big presentation at work). It proves that even when we’re swimming in a sea of beautiful big-budget games with intricate storylines and carefully orchestrated soundtracks, sometimes you just can’t beat the simple, the cunning and the just plain fun.

If comparisons to other games have to be made, You Must Build a Boat is the obvious one. Yet, even this doesn’t feel quite right. Unlike YMBAB, Super Gridland is turn-based (don’t worry if it took you several days to realize – it isn’t obvious). This means that if you tackle Super Gridland using the same techniques and strategies that led to success in YMBAB you will die. Really, Super Gridland is an experience all of its own, and should be enjoyed as such.