Peck and Nest  is a simple and fun arcade game by Miroslav Capkovic where you have to feed the toucan bird and help him to build the nest.


The toucan bird is hungry and you need to feed him with fruits. With the points earned you have to upgrade the nest and your bonuses. To make it challenging there are rocks and if you feed rock to the bird it won’t be happy so you got to be careful.


The game has some specials where in you can buy time or even eat the rocks. So all you have to do is feed, upgrade and eat through everything you encounter. There are many birds to be unlocked in the game.


Visually, Peck and Nest is beautiful. The mashup of the bright colours with the light background looks gorgeous. The design is very neat and elegant and it features a minimalist aesthetic and no doubt you will love it at the first sight of the game.


The gameplay is fairly simple but challenging. The controls in the game are intuitive and responsive, which is nice. There are two modes normal and advanced. Its good to start with the normal mode and play for a while and once you are good to go you can try the advanced mode.


Peck and Nest has some captivating sound effects that are fun to listen while playing. You have an option to turn off the music as well, but trust me this game is best played with its music running in the background.


The design and visuals are so attractive which is the reason i keep coming back to Peck and Nest, really great work by the developer.


I love playing Peck and Nest and its pretty smooth. I highly recommend trying Peck and Nest, its available in google play store for free.