Yuri developed by Fingerlab a Beautifully Beguiling game with remarkable concept


Genre:Adventure Developer:Fingerlab

Game yuri developed by Fingerlab a man who finds himself in a strange forest at night. I assure part of a peculiar dream, he ends up riding on his bed through the mysterious place, negotiating rivers and canyons, as he discovers strange new things.It’s as unusual as it sounds but quite beguilding. Everything about Yuri ends up oozing classiness and style


When you play for the first time it feels like a runner game, which unfersells Yuri. And controls in the game are simple and straightforward and a set of virtual buttons allow you to move left right, or jump into the air. were you can find a reasonable size meaning you don’t have to worry about mistaps. Offcoure you don’t find yourself missing tilt controls here. It all starts with the fact that Yuri, a courageous researchers, woke up in strange forest. He lies in his bed roll and do not really know where he is. As the time to jump up and explore the unknown environment – on your Gurney. Yuri glides through the landscape at a steady speed, immediately giving you a sense of speed and wonder. While you won’t have to backtrack hugely often, the fact that this isn’t an on-rails game means the option is always open to you. Sometimes you might find yourself looking around just for the sake of it. After all, Yuri can be as fast as you want to make it.


The Game is featured with stunningly and remarkably beautifully with high detailed colors and is the handmade artwork, which is reminiscent of an illustrated children’s book. With 10 levels you come across in total to enjoy the game. As you glide through the mysterious world, various obstacles emerge. You might need to propel yourself off sinking platforms, or jump from vine to vine. It’s all suitably in keeping with the theme of Yuri — being jungle-like but in a mystical kind of way. Failing mostly comes down to something like falling off a ravine. Yuri is fairly forgiving though, meaning you simply go back to an earlier moment in the game.Enemies exist, but they mostly hinder your progress by slowing you down. Speed and momentum is important if you want to keep going here, so that can make quite a difference. Fortunately, you can leap over them relatively easily too. In a strange sort of way, Yuri’s mechanics almost feel like you’re playing a skateboarding game. Because you’re dealing with a guy on a bed, it has that same floaty feeling to it.


That ensures that you feel more open to experimentation in Yuri. Sure, you can’t perform any tricks, but it gives you a sense of freedom that you couldn’t feel if you were simply running around. Much of the satisfaction comes from pulling off multiple successful leaps, or traversing a large area within seconds. Another time, you might find yourself in a boat, having to jump out at key moments before jumping back in. It’s almost akin to some moments in a Mario platformer, evoking some pleasant memories. The gameplay is solid and the recommended download for fans relaxing and above all beautiful platformer and its a charming platformer in an unusual setting. The contradiction of the small game consists of the easy gameplay that changes little and the wonderful world of games with its great atmosphere.