Dumb Ball madness

Madness consumes Dumball’s world. Their children are trapped in rooms full of spikes and can’t get out. Help Dumballs save their children. Save as many as you can.

Dumb Ball madness_1

You think it’s easy. Well, it’s not. Although Dumballs want you to help them, they still don’t like being controlled. You want them to go left, they go right.

Dumb Ball madness_2

You want them to go down, they go up. They are stubborn little creatures and you’ll need to tap the screen of your device until Dumball goes where you want it to go.

Dumb Ball madness_3

– collect Dumball’s children to go to the next level(blue balls)
– tap the screen to change Dumball’s movement
– simple, it is; you think
– well, it’s not
– Dumball is a stubborn creature and it won’t go where you want it to go

Dumb Ball madnes_4
– you tap the screen, Dumball goes right instead of left
– you tap the screen again, Dumball goes left instead of right
– well, that’s why you’ll need quick fingers, quick mind, and nerves of steel

Dumb Ball madness_5
– tap, tap, tap until Dumball moves where you want it to
– avoid spikes at the edges of the screen
– avoid Goldpikes that will appear at later levels.

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