Pootagram – Send a poot… Funny Videos By Gary Hamilton is one of the quirky yet a funny app. If you are in the market for an app where in you can make fun of your friends then Pootagram is meant for you.


Pootagram is an app from which you can send a poot to your friends and make them laugh. You can also send and receive funny videos with fart sound.  Using Pootagram you get to send and receive funny videos with fart sound.

Pootagram has a very simple and clean design with a very light coloured theme, that just makes you focus on the content what the app offers. The app is very user friendly. There is nothing much to learn in the app. The app is very responsive and fast.


Pootagram is very easy to get acquainted. All you have to do is choose a video from the available funny videos and characters. The characters are very cute. You have to Tap on the video to check how the characters move their body and how they get ready to fart. Once you select the video, you will need an audio for the fart sound. Watch the preview by tapping on next and if you find its funny type a message and share the video with your friends.

The funny sounds come from some fun monster characters and it is really cool sending it as a joke to friends. But you got to be careful about accidentally sending a farting video to your boss, your family or strangers.


The fart sounds available in app app are Lift off, Strainer, Squeaker, Bender, and Squirter.  The characters in the app are so cool and funny and no doubt that you can’t stop laughing when you watch them fart. There are different kinds of characters, one with two big teeth, one with six hands, the other one comes with a fun belly along with four teeth and two horns, the other one is very tall with three eyes in his face, and the last one is a giant with just one eye and too lazy to move

Pootagram is a super cool and fun app. Its available in app store and I highly recommend to check out Pootagram, you can laugh and have fun with your friends. So why wait.. Send a poot.