Colt Express by Asmodee Digital SAS a concept of robbing train and gives remarkable happness

Colt Express  By Asmodee Digital SAS

Genre:Strategy Developer:Asmodee Digital SAS

Game Colt Express developed by Digital SAS a Board game ports that are a popular genre on the App Store and while some are fun. This game is port of the award-winning board game, manages to bring the board game to life on digital by adding enough animation and sounds to make it pleasing to the eye while keeping the spirit of the board game intact. Developers has done fantastic job in this port transformed the 3D trains of the board game into 2D ones that look made of cardboard. Usually developers go the other way around, with 2D board games gaining another dimension on digital, so I was glad to see the developers daring to be different and succeeding. Colt Express is best ports out there which consists loads of content, entertaining characters, and mechanics that make it unpredictable enough to keep players coming back for more.

Colt Express game takes place on a moving train during the past time of the Old West,  and games strategies are quit challenging with simple mechanic. Each player will be given a number of cards that let their characters move across the train cars, climb back down, climb on the roof, shoot other players, punch other players, steal treasure from the floor, or move the Marshall around. In the beginning of the first phase, each player plays one or two cards each turn, and once that phase is over, the characters play out those cards in order, which leads to all kinds of silly situations. For example you might play a card that moves your character to the next car,  and then next turn comes again, continuing to play the card which lets you steal some treasure. While you choosed your character might indeed move to the car just fine, by the time the action of your second card is actually executed also you might be punched away from that car.


For example imagine you have 6 players on the train at the same time and multiple rounds to play through, and will enjoy like crazy. Which doesn’t mean game is random; also you can check out what kind of cards other players have put down and strategize accordingly. While in the first few rounds I played I was playing cards a bit aimlessly, then later I slowly started figuring out the limitation of each train position and became much more tactical. The digital version of the game comes with a ton of content, from single player online and hot seat multiplayer, and I almost enjoyed the most was the Story Mode for each of the six characters. Each story has multiple chapters and a comic book, and they really do play out like a narrative.


Each story in a level has a multiple chapters and a comic book, and they really do play out like a narrative. And the classic version of Colt Express is all about stealing the most money, but these story chapters give you some really fun tasks to complete like having to meet up with a certain character in one car by the end of Round 2, or shoot your prototype gun at least twice before Round 3, and so on. While the gameplay mechanics are very entertaining and the content plentiful, it’s the theme and art that makes Colt Express stand out even more. The Old West train robbery theme makes for a very entertaining game, and the characters – stereotypical Western characters as they might be – are interesting enough to make the story part of the game fun to play and Once you complete a chapter, you get more pages of each character’s entertaining comic book, and once you complete all the chapters of a character’s story, you unlock variants. Overall Colt Express is a great port of a fun game, and it’s one that’s very easy to recommend both to those who enjoy board games and to mobile gamers in general