Game is very enjoyable puzzling game with shooter that bounces with just the right speed

Island Delta by Noodlecake StudiosInc

Genre:Startegy Developer:NoodleCake Studios Inc

Island Delta developed by Noddlecake studios Inc which is an adventure game which involves an anti-gravity weapon that serves as your Swiss Army knife to get through enemies, puzzles, and traps. If you enjoyed games like Space Marshals 2 and Legend of the Skyfish, then you will enjoy what Island Delta offers. Island Delta is sort of like a shooter. But there’s not that much actual shooting going on for a surprise there is a twist Instead you’re working your way through a series of puzzles using a gravity gun.

When I saw Island Delta onthe Appstore for the first time was intrigued, especially when I saw that it was published by Noodlecake Studios, who are the makers of the exceptional Super Stickman Golf games for this reason I need to check out Island Delta for myself, and it’s definitely worth it if you’re a fan of quirky adventure puzzle games. I can guarantee you It might not be particularly violent, but it’s a great experience all the same, and it’ll keep you on your toes for a good few hours.


he game is rendered in 3-D with an angled, top-down perspective that is similar to other games like Space Marshals 2 and Neon Chrome .The quality of the graphics are fairly high quality as well, since the colors range from dark and gloomy tones to bright and lush hues, and the textures of the environment are incredibly detailed on Retina screens. These goals are clearly presented in the mission briefing beforehand, and the game does offer tips at the start of a stage. You play a pair of scientists who are trying to retrieve an AI from a diabolical villain. And to do all these stuffs that you need to lift things up with magical science guns. Just like real life.

Like many other adventure puzzle games, Island Delta is level-based, so players must endure the stages one-by-one in a chronological and linear order. At the moment, the story mode involves three different chapters that are spread out across a few different areas, so there are about 30 stages total. Each level will have it’s own set of objectives that must be done in order for it to be completed and you can move on to the next one. You will find buttons to press and hacking mini-games. If you can push a button or interact with an object you’ll see a context-sensitive button popping up when you go near it.The hacking games involve guiding a node to a glowing exit, avoiding red skulls as you, within a time limit. They’re pretty tight, but a lot of thrill. The games’s action bounces between the two characters, but they both play in pretty similar ways. The levels are reasonably small, but they offer up a decent amount of challenge. The game does not have stars to earn on each stage or a time limit, but there are hidden collectibles that you’ll want to look for in order to unlock bonus levels and You’ll be plugging and unplugging batteries, moving boxes to get across gaps, and trying to figure out how to get past laser-blasting turrets.



So technically, you can play the game at your own pace, which is rather nice for this genre. Island Delta also has some rather gorgeous cutscenes that are fun to watch, though they can also be skipped if you’d rather just jump into the action. And game looks decent to it level though graphics aren’t astounding  but there’s a uniqueness to them that at least that means you don’t get too bored of looking at them. Everything moves at a decent pace, and the game adds new ideas often enough to keep you thrilled. The story is pretty interesting as well. Island Delta moves and shakes in its own style and in most of the right ways. It’s not revolutionary by any means, but it’s an enjoyable and really well put together diversion.