Dan The Man He always love to be like a man by punching, kicking, and throwing foes.

Dan the Man by Halfbrick Studios

Genre:Strategy Developer:Halfbrick Studios

Dan the man developed by Halfbrick stufios is an old-school style arcade platformer game that is packed with a tons of beat-em-up action. Has his name suggest Dan the Man he’s a brave, persistent fellow. He has to be since he’s up against a veritable army of evil sorts, armed (at least at first) with only his fists and feet. Luckily, as Jim Ross might say, they’re educated fists and feet. and the game is more about Kicking, punching and throwing. And its a game of leaping, by avoiding getting shot in the face by goons wielding massive guns

And game is frankly ludicrously good. It’s a modern mobile platformer with a cheeky retro spin that lounges around in nostalgia while making sure you’re constantly engaged. with fast paced while you will have a smile on your face the whole time you’re playing it, it still manages to keep the challenge level nicely high. You play as Dan the titular man. Although you can also play as Josie and there are other characters to unlock as well, including a customisation option that lets you play as, well, whoever you want. Once you wish to choose you’re thrown into a world in chaos. A lovely blue-skied world with lots of trees, but it’s in chaos all the same.


Dan the Man on other hand offers up a mere 12 levels in its story mode. which is a unique game. These dozen levels are big, filled with interesting secrets to uncover, and are quite well-designed. The developer could have snipped each one into smaller sections to inflate the stage count, but it would have resulted in a different feel entirely. May be levels are bit less but are very impressive compared to super mario. For jaded mobile game reviewers like yours truly, it might seem like the simple on-screen virtual buttons would be unable to handle the action, but that’s pleasantly not the case. controls are just simple Turns out all you really need is left and right buttons on one side and punch, shoot/throw and jump buttons on the other to kick plenty of butt. Yes, even when fighting jetpack-wearing ninjas or tackling the game’s numerous platformer elements.

Its your selection to make right a variety of wrongs by kicking, punching, shooting, and throwing anything that gets in your way. The game use variety of mixes for some pretty tough platforming sections with mass brawls and makes everything on just spot on. and fights are very challengeing you need to think on your feet, dodging blows and getting in the best positions. And the platforming section are sharp while a on the formulaic side, will keep your digits busy and your eyes all squinted and focused. Also you can collect coins were you can spend on shops scattered around the game world or on upgrading your skills when you get to the end of a level.
Dan The Man is a free game and you can enjoy whole thing without paying a cent, if you are so desperate then you can find plenty of IAPs, and the game is also ad-supported. There are incentivized ads that will give you extra weapons and coins, and you’ll occasionally be required to watch an ad if you’re playing for free. and buy an IAP that among other things removes these ads, and you’ll even still be able to score the weapons without having to watch any ads. The whole game is a package of hilarious little animation flourishes, as well. Enemies who haven’t noticed you yet will get up to all kinds of silly things, and it’s worth taking a cautious approach just to try and see what they do when they’re not falling like dominoes to your fists of fury.  The lengthy, well-designed levels have plenty of checkpoints to save your progress, plus shops along the way so you can restock on weapons, food and the like. As with classic arcade games of the past, you get a score when you reach the finish, one that’s dependent on things like time of completion, the amount of enemies defeated, secret areas discovered and objects smashed.