Top 10 new mobile games of the week ,As the end of the year approaches, things tend to get a little sleepy on the App Store and Google Play. iTunes Connect — the service iOS developers use to upload their games — goes on a brief vacation, and frankly, so does the rest of the world.

1.Dungeon Rushers Beta

Genre:Startegy Developer: Gobelinz Studio

Dungeon Rshers is an enormous dungeon crawler/roguelike with board game elements. Each dungeon you successfully complete opens up tiles on a collective map, giving you more dungeons to loot and more quests to complete. I’d actually be lying if I said I wasn’t fussed about this news making it to the list. After playing a bit of the game as Gamescom it’s a very, very impressive game with a lot of content for you to play around with. More importantly, the game’s finally opened up a beta for both phones and tablets on iOS and Android so give it a go if you’re into dungeon crawlers/roguelikes. Dungeon Rushers has you take on the role of Elion, a young man who is sick of his boring life and wishes to become an adventurer to seek out the three G’s, gold, glory and girls (his words).  He decides to leave home armed with a toilet brush, and start clearing out some dungeons.


2. Island Delta by Noodlecake Studios

Genre:Adventure Developer:Noodlecake Studios

Game Island Delta developed by Noodlescake Studios Island Delta is an action/adventure game in which you travel from one level to the other whilst wielding your powerful anti-gravity gun. And a top-down adventure with plenty of puzzles and an anti-gravity gun. If that sentence doesn’t excite you, it’s possible you don’t like video games.

This is the only way to defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and overcome the tricky traps set for you. In game you explore futuristic, bizarre world with Zoe and Baxter  to bring down Doctor Gunderson and his mechanical meanies also you have fun by throwing those meanies through the air like a Nerf ball. And this is a brilliant game from the big cheeses themselves. Armed with only a gravity gun and basic wits, you’ve got to make your way through the levels, solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and taking on the evil Doctor Gunderson. I’m very excited to get my hands on this one.



3.The epic RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Genre:Startegy Developer:Aspyr

This game has made its name popular after dropping from £7.99/$9.99 to £2.29/$2.99 on iOS. Better yet, if you missed this news it’s currently still on sale so drop by and take a look. Its time to choose your own path in this epic role-playing experience as you prepare for battle against the ruthless Sith. As the last hope for the Jedi order it’s up to you to perfect your skills, master the Force, and resist the temptation of the dark side. Hero or villain? The choice is yours. Star Wars:KOTOR puts you on a role-playing adventure through iconic Star Wars locations. Travel through eight enormous worlds in your starship, build your own lightsaber, and learn to use over 40 different powers to fight for, or against, the Jedi Order.



4. Angry Birds Blast By Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Genre:Arcade Developer:Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Surpriseongly a new Angry Birds game has released for the holidays? Kind of! This isn’t a standard entry in the series, but another spin-off — this time in the form of a matching-style puzzler. While that might sound generic, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that Rovio has a ton of great Angry Birds spin-offs out there already, and a good puzzle game never goes out of style. Depending on when you’re reading this, you might still have time to pre-register. Doing so will get you $9.99 worth of in-game currency, which isn’t such a shabby stocking stuffer!.Colorful puzzling gets angry… or avian… or something. Regardless of my never-ending quest for a clever sentence, you should probably check out Angry Birds Blast. It’s the latest spin-off in the Angry Birds franchise, and it puts some of the “puzzle” back in block-popping puzzle gameplay.



5.Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever

Genre:ARcade Developer:Lucky Kat Studios

Lucky Kat Studios has released a new game Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever. which has great pixel art. We’ve seen a lot of developers try to borrow the microgames formula of WarioWare, but the results generally leave us feeling and You can also collect a bunch of different Grumpy Cats for yourself, because who needs one Grumpy Cat when you can have dozens of them in silly hats?

.Grumpy Cat isn’t happy about many things, so you’ll have to forgive him the title of his latest mobile outing. This one looks like a lovely collection of mini-games, and it’s created by the team behind the wonderfully surprising Combo Critters, so there’s plenty of potential for a good time here.




6.Snowball by Pixeljam

Genre:Aracde Developer:Pixeljam

A pinball game from Pixeljam (the creator of Potatoman Seeks the Troofsq) that seems to be set in the epic snow fort of my childhood dreams.It’s been a pretty great year for pinball (and heck, this isn’t even the only pinball game launching this week), but we think there might be something really special about Snowball. For one, it takes place in a giant snowfort. For another, it’s from Pixeljam, the acclaimed indie creator of games like Potatoman Seeks the Troof and Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork. What’s so striking about this game in particular is that it’s cleverly laid out. The board is a mountain, the paddles are all wooden and operated by tiny folks, and in some areas there are some kinds of mini-games that you can take part in.



7 Geometry Dash World By RobTop Games AB

Genre:Puzzle Developer:RobTop Games AB

Ready for your third dose of blisteringly difficult platforming from RobTop Games? Plenty of developers have chased this dragon before, but few have gotten the experience so right. Fans of Geometry Dash can enjoy a little more personality this time around — and all the challenge they’ve always loved from the series. This time you will enjoy with all new things Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure, From small thorns to combinations of platforms, thorns, monsters and other hazards. Game depends on fast actions and the right timing, so dodge many obstacles and  reach your goal of a level as well as release the next level. But this is not guaranteed at the first attempt.  Currently provides Geometry Dash World provides with 10 Level in two different worlds, which does not sound like really much scope. But since the complexity level is high, you will be busy for a while – if you do not give up first. As a small “compensation” you can fly rockets and put the gravity upside down.



8. Gotta Eat Them All: Clicker By Animoca Brands

Genre:Arcade Developer:Animoca Brands

Idle clickers saw a lot of traction in 2016, so why not end the year with one too? Gotta Eat Them All is a clicker about shoving food in your mouth. Much to everyone’s surprise, no, this isn’t an idle clicker biopic of yours truly, but the latest game from Animoca Brands — who also gave us a great He-Man clicker earlier this year. And like last night’s leftovers, you don’t even have to wait for this one to finish cooking. Gotta Eat Them All is live on the



9.LVL By Ertan Unver

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Ertan Unver

Game LVL Developed by Ertan Unver of SquareCube is a minimal puzzle game that blends 3-D and 2-D into a seamless experience. The game is an exquisite blend of both 3-D and 2-D elements in one, and this unique mix brings a unique perspective to what you know about traditional puzzle games. The objective in LVL is simple: fill each side of the cube with color using the pieces, which are fittingly shaped liked tetrominos. technically the game has about 150 puzzles to solve, since each stage features three colors that act as their own puzzle.



10.Stern Pinball Arcade By FarSight Studios

Genre:Arcade Developer:FarSight Studios

To the best of our knowledge, Stern is the last company in the world that still produces new pinball tables. That makes them heroes in our books. And if they want to bring those tables to mobile? We’re all for it.