Pilots of the Dawn enjoy a game by flying high

Pilots of the Dawn  By Sapeli Studio Oy

Genre:Arcade Developer:Sapeli Studio Oy

Game Pilots of the Dawn developed by Sapeli Studio Oy  ia an action-packed retro dogfighting arcade shooter game. which is brimming with talent and potential, and while it lacks variety in both gametypes and assets, what is there definitely shines. Likely taking inspiration from the stylish retro aerial shooter Luftrausers,Vlambeer Pilots of the Dawn launches you into skyward skirmishes in a very story light and gameplay focused campaign . Game pilots of the Dawn is an awesome sepia-toned retro graphics, and the dogfighting action was downright amazing.

The General character barks mission objectives at you with his CAPS LOCK key held down in all his well-crafted pixelated glory, but he is a man of very few words.  That’s OK. He’s a simple man in a simple game. So simple that you only have two functions. Turn your plane left. Or turn your plane right. No acceleration or air braking you always move forward no using different weapons or choosing when to shoot (you just spew ammo like the Heavy from Team Fortress 2), and no activating of special abilities (They randomly float down from the sky and are activated immediately upon contact). In game every ship and plane has a dimensional doorway in their gun’s ammo chambers leading to a dimension made of bullets, because with a few tweaks, this could easily be a bullet hell game. When you move on campaign levels, buying and facing better ships that shoot even more. Each new ship shoots one additional stream of bullets from 1 up to 6.


There are upgrades to handle ships, speeds and hitpoints using coins that you earn in game and from watching ads if you wish. Despite being heavily pixelated and silhouetted against the background, each ship almost gives off a 3D feel with all the angles used in their animation. There are three game modes in PotD: Endless, Daily, and Campaign. Unfortunately, the Campaign has to be unlocked by scoring enough points in Endless. this campaign is simple one. 30 levels basically divided into 6 sections of the same 5 levels but escalating in difficulty. Every five levels you will: Destroy all enemies, destroy a certain number of enemies, survive for a certain number of seconds, protect your ally plane and destroy all enemies oh my god why would they do this to me, and defeat the enemy leader, or boss. In the later survival missions you are basically trying to dodge raindrops with all the bullets on screen.

Your only hope is these missions, and in any mission really, is to get good random number generation, or RNG. In order to get good random power-up drops. The power-ups consist of double damage ammo, vastly increased firing speed, health and a brief combat shield. Your ally might get lucky and run into health and shield drops, or may be you can get fast fire or double damage and better keep bogeys off his tail. And yes, these things stack. It’s possible to get fast fire or double damage and basically clear the screen at will. Including bosses. So that giant behemoth airship you were already having a hard time against? It just got some health back, and it’s shooting twice as many bullets at you.


The game is largely very smooth. sometimes frames do drop when you start the level for few seconds or when power-ups are active.  love the silhouette style of the game, but I just want some variety in the game modes. They all play almost exactly the same. It’s clear this was a budget game from the style and the number of assets. There is only one song in the game, after all. But the gameplay is in dire need of a mix-up. Maybe a racing mode, where you fly through a course of rings, or an item collection race, with or without death and combat enabled.  am still enjoying the game, since it can differentiate itself a bit from the classic Luftrausers while also retaining a familiar aesthetic. At the end of the day, Pilots of the Dawn is a fun