Moonligh Express a game with Christmas themed

Moonlight Express

Genre:Arcade Developer:Damir Stuhec

Game Moonlight Express developed by Damir Stuhec this game is gift for christmas and here is great thing you can find out. With its interesting mechanic here that could work just as well in a none festive themed experience hoping to feed on your festive spirit to turn a profit. With the magical day coming ever-closer it’s about time we get some Christmas games over here, and Moonlight Express looks like a beauty and game keeps you thrilled for a long hours.

The whole idea of the game, then, is to make sure that every person in every house receives a gift no matter what. To imply that it’s the duty of everyone to help each other to enjoy this time of year with those who love them, It’s the night before Christmas and all through land you can hear Santa cursing, “My reindeers, be damned!”.Poor Santa’s reindeers are refusing to fly, but lucky for Santa Palti’s a nice guy (well, boy).


The game Moonlight Express is a about one-touch present-shooting Christmas game without the cliche and you are really lucky to deliver gifts to all kids by controlling of a present-delivering steampunk drone which moves up the side of a rickety tower of dwellings automatically, and you need to tap to fire out gifts and in skyscraper There are balconies you have numbers next to them. Get that number of presents on the balcony before it disappears from view.

In the Skyscraper city there are pretty more things like the balconies are a variety of different shapes and there’s no pattern to how they appear, filled with stacked houses,  But you’re still just tapping to spray out Christmas cheer. In a less creepy way than that sounds. The presents you deliver on each balconies are either hit the mark or they fall out of the balconies. The game is more entertaining than you expected with twisted into an entertaining experience. And you come across various machines to unlock, but you need to deliver a lot of presents to get to any of them. And after a while the whole thing just starts to get a little bit dull.