Dropa is a puzzle game that’s all about placing shapes on a board in order to create and clear lines.

Dropa! By Midnight Tea Studio

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Midnight Tea Studio

Dropa a nice puzzle game which is all about placing shapes on a board in order to create and clear lines. Then you repeat the same order to earn higher scores. its like a circular Tetris it sounds like quit familiar, right? Well in word form, sure, but actually playing it feels quite different. You see Dropa is a very different game from other the board is one big circle with multiple layers, and the lines you’re making are actually rings.

Visually speaking Dropa is a decent minimal aesthetic design which will please every players of the game. The colors of the game is sported with an inky black background so that the bright and vivid colors of the game pieces, rings and other menu buttons pop out at you.The game basically consists of basic geometric shapes like circles, dots, and lines. Despite this, it’s still visually pleasing. Animations are fairly fluid and superb.


The game is all about you have to line things up by spinning the entire boards/ring around, rotating the pieces you’re given, and sliding them up into place It’s still a simple game The concept, with equally simple visuals that are quit appealing enough to look at without getting overwhelming. The game is not simple because the nature of the shapes and the rates at which they appear are either helpful or problematic because  they may be similar puzzle games. Once you get the catch  it can be pretty difficult to stop playing or avoid immediately jumping into a new game once you inevitably run out of spots to place any more shapes. The other part of it is the interface itself.

Also game is full of surprise there’s no real indication of when you’re close to losing. which is due to irregular layout of the board itself, but I’ve played so many other puzzle games where you can easily tell when you’re about to get stuck.  Also I’m enjoying myself and setting up lots of rings it can be pretty jarring to go from “I think I can put the next piece here if I put this piece over there” to “well dang.” And once  can get used to its somewhat odd layout (and if you can be patient with the sometimes touchy controls) it’s pretty fun. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d say download it and give it a try – then stick with it until things start to click. On top of that, make sure to keep an eye on the bottom dock, where you will see what the upcoming piece will be. This helps you plan strategically to get the most points as possible. If you’re stuck, you can also swap out the current piece for a different one by tapping on the button in the bottom left of the grid, but this will cost you 250 coins each time