Linia game developed by  Yari D’areglia play with colors

Linia By Yari D’areglia

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Yari D’areglia

Linia game developed by Yari D,areglia the game all about finding sequences and being in rhythm. This game is really fit to play on weekends or to take challenge yourself at the same time. I love to add this game on my collection especially if they have gameplay mechanics that differentiate themselves from the crowd I found this game to be very unique.

Like many other puzzle games , Linia is a level based game you play through them in one-by-one in order to move forward. However, the objective is simple enough that every one can easily pick up: match the color sequences that you see at the top by tracing a line through colored shapes. The game starts with numerous different shapes   which starts out with shapes that stay put right where they are, but later you, find various shapes, colors and rotating , moving shapes, shapes that change colors, shapes that fade in and out, and many more. Later puzzles become much more complex, harder and intricate to solve. Fortunetly there are no time limits or move restrictions, so you can play as long s you want on levels. Don’t worry to much.If you miss a chance you can restart and try again.


Controls in Linia are simple and straightforward you connect the colored shapes together by drawing a line through them, with intention to macth the sequence that is displayed at the top of the screen. However you have to think fast while memorizing the pattern because as things start moving around and changing colors, also gets tricky. When line is drawn you will able to see circles that magnify the colors. Which shows whether or not you matched the correct sequence. And if  there are two blocks of the same color consecutively, it counts as one part of the sequence, so keep that in mind.

I really enjoyed the game which is very unique but  once you have changing colors, fading in and out, and rotating shapes, you truly have to pay attention and be on your toes to get the sequences properly. Observation is the key in the game because you’ll want to learn the movement patterns and then get into the rhythm of things before you try to connect. The game has great ambient music is a great touch.  Game also display checkmarks when you’ve matched something, while X’s show mistakes also meaning you’ll have to try again.