Dinofour is a charming puzzle platformer with an engaging dino-swapping premise.

Dinofour  By Craig Simmons

Genre:Arcade Developer:Craig Simmons

Game Dinofour developed by Craig Simmons which is a oozing with charm and retro- puzzle platformer game with an engaging dino-swapping premise and a generous amount of variety across its many stages. The dino-powers aren’t in themselves innovative, even the gravity shifting one, arguably the most “unique” of the four, is reminiscent of games like 2010’s VVVVVV on Steam. And the this super talented game was created by the new indie developer Craigeatscrayons and is the first launch of the Melbourne-based company. And this first project go, Dinofourset the bar high with playful yet challenging level design, interesting mechanics, and a vast amount of available content, including 3 worlds, over 70 levels, and secret areas and collectibles .

Dinofour’s story is a level based worlds which are not prefaced by any cut scenes other than a dinosaur in an airplane. Dinofour’s split up into three different challenging  worlds that have 24 levels each. In order to advance, you’ll have to clear the previous stage and earn up to three stars depending on how quick you pick up. The objective is always the same: get any of your four controllable dinosaurs to the egg goal located somewhere within the stage. The levels are relatively short, and able to complete within minute. The focus is on the stages themselves and the gameplay that will take you through them one by one. Also you will be enjoying  colorful, pixelated dinos act out some sort of plot.


There are four dinosaurs which have their own distinctive skill be ready to use them on the right time to complete stages. The green one can push heavy boulders, which are very useful to activating buttons. The orange button will be used to breathe fire, which can melt ice blocks. The purple one can defy gravity, so it can walk on ceilings which is very helpful to avoid spikes and other obstacles The hook of the game comes form the interplay between the four dinos and the creative ways their powers complement each other from level to level. In the game every level cann’t utilize every dino, so there are hundreds of combinations available which keeps your things fascinating and fresh.

The controls in game are simple and straightforward and levels will get quickly progress from simple block mazes to some environmental hazards like lava, falling rocks, spikes and then to incorporating enemies such as fire critters, pterodactyls and even charging wild boars. The falling blocks and swinging maces are similar of Super Mario games, which is never a bad thing, although the game aesthetic design might have benefited from more original obstacle designs. Each dino is better equipped to handle different hazards like flying dino makes dangerous leaps over spikes easier) but you don’t always have access to your preferred dino. And every levels you play is very short, anywhere from under ten seconds long to around a minute or so, which keeps things moving along quickly. You can collect collect when you win a game. And chance to discover more secrets hidden in levels.


In levels you come through many ups and down and wide number of obstacles your dinosaurs will face in their travels. Like pits and spikes are very common also you run into hovering pterodactyls, charging boars, , explosive blocks,  crumbling bridges, dripping acid, timed doors, and plenty more. Although you’ll face the same hazards repeatedly, and different combinations and layouts developer CRAIGEATSCRAYONS has designed. And game offres you some surprising but also challenging by takeing decision which dinosaur you can afford to leave behind. And Dinofour definitely requires a combined strategy of trial and error and always thinking a step ahead of yourself. However, I found that sometimes it was hard to switch dinosaurs because you have to press the A in a certain frame, and this led to precious seconds being wasted. I’m not sure having a dual-purpose A button works well

Overall its a great game definetly you should give one try.