Stay, Mum by Lucid Labs a heart touching connection between mom and son

Stay, Mum By Lucid Labs

Genre:Aracde Developer:Lucid Labs

Stay mum developed by Lucid Labs is a physics puzzler about blocks wrapped up in a sweet narrative about working mother who wants to be with her lovely son. You would be thinking why a puzzle game can’t have an engaging story, but it’s still a little weird as far as Stay, Mum is concerned. And its a cute puzzle that is friendly enough for all ages.

Stay mum is a gorgeous game as it features a simple and flat aesthetic that fits in well with modern iOS standards. The sound effects of the game are fairly realistic and may bring back a sense of nostalgia to when you were a child and played with blocks yourself. And main point is that the base gameplay for Stay, mum is engaging, albeit not on a deep level. The pzzles are pretty easy to breeze through, with the exception of one that’s bugged and won’t accept any answer. Stay, Mum involves filling in each level’s dotted lines. The titular mum makes her son busy by giving him some blocks to play with in her prolonged absence, and you simply need to re-arrange the blocks in a way that fills in the blanks.


Stay, Mum features five chapters and a separate ttorial section to show you the ropes. ANd in future you can expect two more chapters. Each chapter has 10 levels to complete, and while there aren’t any move restrictions or time limits, the faster you are, the better. The goal in each stage is to aid john complete shapes by using the provided blocks, but mystery thing is that each block has a different use case, all fueled by John’s wild imagination. And players are shown the shape outline before seeing the blocks available to use, and you have to recreate the shape from  memory. When you spend more on game you come to know more about the bittersweet relationship between John and his mother, who is a single mom working to make a living for the both of them. And there is one stipulation:When you finish slotting in the blocks, you need to press the gravity button, which causes the blocks to to fall to the bottom of the screen.

 The controls in the game are simple and straightforward. To rearrange the blocks available in games into the shape just drag them where you want them to go. If you need a reminder of what the shape outline was, just tap on icon that is underneath the dotted line on the screen. When you feel you got expected result just tap on the “gravity” button to make the blocks fall – this is where physics comes into play. In order to complete the level, the blocks must resemble the exact shape by the time they touch the ground. Try again when they fall over with the different types of blocks you’ll get later on, things become tricky, as you’ll have blocks that float and need to be weighed down with another one, and more.


Stay mum is very easy-going game. Where each level has time limit, there is no competition you can take long hours to solve puzzle .In the course of the game John gets more blocks with different characteristics (eg lighter than the others) and shapes ( from his mother. The demands are increasing, but the difficulty is nevertheless quite human, apart from a few more difficult structures towards the end of the game.