Momoka An Interplanetary Adventure is about exploring galaxy with your skills

Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure By Felwig Games LLP

Genre:Arcade Developer:Felwig Games LLP

Game Momoka ia a gorgeous and charming platformer adventure game like Swordigo. The game is really cool with game’s production values always seemed to leave me feeling like this could be a mediocre game.  And game is constructed well that its flaws stay out of the way of this fantastic Metroidvania platformer. The visuals in Momoka are beautiful and aesthetic  which combines well with retro-styled games you will truely love the style. Momoka features 2.5D, low-poly graphics with dynamic graphics lighting that will remind players of something like Super Mario Galaxy.

Despite the rugged aesthetic, everything in the game is detailed, bright and vivid and when you move around everything just scrolls sideways with you. The world around you is circular  means players traverse through what seem like mazes that go deep into the earth, and it’s also possible to jump up on the rocks above, have the game flip upside-down, and continue making your way to whatever lies beyond the rocks. You have to be careful when you do side-scrolling and flipping upside-down constantly. Momoka has a near-flawless control scheme here. The touch screen buttons are insanely responsive, and I have no issues with the positioning at all. Momoka manages to do the basics quite well, while also throwing in some clever features along the way.


You play as the eponymous Momoka, equipped with a laser gun and the mission to restore the dying energy of the sun. In the game you’ll explore an interconnected world in your galaxy, by using powers and upgrades you earn to traverse sections that were once impassable,  Accoring to sequence you guide Momoka character through the first part of the game until you get your rocket ship, when you can explore the galaxy on your own. This rocket thing designed is really worthy it feels cool to actually fly around and explore for yourself, not just to go somewhere on a map. There are many possibilities you get stuck or land in spots where you have to backtrack to a rocket station to escape, but it’s only a minor annoyance. Also you have to collect some items during flying in rocket.

There are three differenet areas to play through in your own way in the rocket These follow the Metroid style of introducing a particular ability that you need to collect in order to complete the area and progress further. But you’ll also notice that abilities which is used in other areas are hidden collectables. this encourages you to backtrack, and feels spectacular to tackle something that you once couldn’t. All this feature has added up to a wonderful final level, where you now have capacity to combine your newfound abilities to make it through difficult sections. Also game manages its Metroidvania style of gameplay. And overall game is full of fun with colourful world Things like the wall jumping you unlock feel a bit weird, but don’t feel bad upon usage. Plus, the controls are incredibly responsive, the game has plenty of content (with no in-app purchases), and things can get downright challenging as you have to time your jumps and attacks to survive, while also solving some puzzles along the way. The story and setup are nothing too original, but Momoka manages to do the basics quite well, while also throwing in some clever features along the way.