Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire is a remarkable promising platformer game

Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire

Genre:Arcade Developer:PlayPretend

The game is retro-styled platformers were I am really a great fan of it but the truly excellent ones are few and far between and a promising game, merely your chef hat and skillful leaping, you’ll need to leap around and evade a variety of difficult traps and enemies in the retro platformer with  Le Parker is one of the ones that gets just about everything right, and all the little things come together to form one wonderful package. It uses a really stunning color palette, with darker tones creating a moody atmosphere and brighter tones making things more cheery and even after spending only a few minutes playing through the first couple of levels it’s already exceeded my expectations.

The game is oozing in charm in all its way bursting with personality, and the most important aspect of a platformer to me–the weight of the character and the “feel” of running and jumping–is excellent. You’ll really need to play and understand every inch of a level, and sometimes even find a shortcut or two, if really want to achieve these goals. It’s a great way to appeal to the speedrunners among us without having the game be entirely about speedrunning, and serves as a great incentive to go back and remaster levels you’ve beaten.


Across 32 stages,  It’s a journey through perilous gauntlets of spinning spikes, creatures, and deadly drops each with their own additional goals like beating a Time Attack time, collecting all the Macarons in a level, and finding all the kitchen utensils hidden throughout. Collapsing platforms, crushing blocks, rivers of lava, rolling donuts, floating power-ups, and much more await throughout your quest to achieve culinary greatness. the story of Le Parker is You, as Le Parker Sous Chef Extraordinaire hero, you guide hero chef Le Parker through a perilous quest to rescue the captured princess and avenge your exile. And the world’s most amazing recipe for meringue. It’s so light it literally floats. You’ve given your recipe with your girlfriend the Princess, but the evil King has raided her quarters, stolen the recipe, and plans on using its airy deliciousness for nefarious purposes! How do you harness the power of meringue for evil?  who cares, And who knows as it sets up nicely for a classic rescue-the-princess storyline.

The controls in the game are simple and straightforward with just right or left movement and a single button for jumping and double-jumping. You feel satisfying just to run and jump around, just as a platformer should be. The game will put in a situation to test your ability to maneuver through tricky situations and deal with a variety of cool and dangerous enemies if you want to make it to the end of the game also test your reflexive skills and game has 3 additional goals beyond just reaching the endpoint. Each level has a hidden culinary item to seek out, like or a rolling pin or a meat cleaver and they can be quite tricky to track down. Then ere are collecting all the macarons in each level which are floating around like coins do in most other platformers. Again, these can be tricky to find and encourage fully exploring each level. You have to achieve any task with beating a level in a certain amount of time. Which is not easy how it seems you even find a shortcut or two, if you want to achieve these goals.


Le Parker is a pixel art game. Yes, it’s a retro platformer. And yes, that will rub some people the wrong way. You gonaa enjoy both But for those of you who are massive platforming fans like I am, you’re gonna want to check out Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire, as you can tell it’s a total love letter to the genre from massive platforming fans.