Swap Sword new match-3 game.roguelike game where your character is a tile on the board.

Swap Sword

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Alec Thomson

Swap Sword is developed by Alec Thomson you know how hard is to get our pulses racing by mentioning a new match-3 game. Sometimes it makes hard to get our pulses racing at all since as video games journalists, we tend not to exercise quite as often as we should. These Swap Sword does indeed rely on some familiar game mechanics, but it executes them in a completely new form. Instead of swapping symbols, you’re slicing them up instead, yet still with the goal of making matches and clearing them from the board.

Alec Thomson has introduced definitely an awesome retro aesthetic, featuring a highly detailed pixelated art style. When you play Swap Sword will take back into wonderful classic consoles like Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. . Despite the pixel art style, I found the game to be packed with incredible detail due to the textures and shadows on each individual game piece, characters, and enemies. Those observations aside, it’s definitely not impossible to get our attention with a concept that is sufficiently cool.


Swap Sword is a typical matvh -3 puzzler at a glance, until you realize ther’s a Katana-weilding warrior facing facing monsters in the middle of all those tiles. The game combines the trued- and true format of “match three to clear” with the tactical movement and positioning of a roguelike. Each board of various tiles is both a grid to earn a high score and a shifting battlefield, as you swap items for points and move your samurai to evade and kill encroaching enemies. Those observations aside, it’s definitely not impossible to get our attention with a concept that is sufficiently cool.

Swap Sword which is a rouguelike game enjoy an always-different experience thanks to the procedurally generated dungeon layouts, which is packed with the good stuff also game features several diffrent types of terrain that you’ll come across, and while the order that they appear seems to be preset, the layout for each run which gives you  different experience don’t you think its really great fun. So when you have performed well before there is no guarantee that you’ll get the same results again. The goal is simple: get as far as you can through all of the different terrains and dispatch your enemies as quickly as possible until you find the door to the next area. While that sounds easy enough, the stages get increasingly difficult as you find new environments and enemies that come with the territory.


Enemies attack if they’re adjacent, so you’ll need to maneuver carefully and match helpful items like bombs and freezing ice cubes to keep from getting overwhelmed Progress to the next stage and you can choose from various upgrades and abilities, offering new strategies on more challenging stages and boards. Making the correct matches can help you unleash special powers, which is helpful since the board is also filled with tons of enemies like sword-wielding lizard men. Make the wrong move and you’ll suffer the cruelest cut of all, since this is a roguelike affair.

The game board will consist of various types of pieces, like shields toprotect you from a hit, keys to reveal the stage exit, dynamite to blow up a row or column (watch out — this hurts you too), and walls that can protect you from enemies, green mp diamonds. If you wan tsome help about a game piece and what it does, you can long press on it to get a tooltip that explains it. If you stay on a stage long enough, “Death” eventually arrives, and your sword isn’t fast enough to kill them off, so your only option will be to run through the door to escape. When you clear the current stage, you’ll be presented with one of three random power-ups or upgrades for your character, and it’s recommended to read them carefully and choose wisely. To use a power-up in the next level, just tap on the green diamond button (mp) at the bottom to bring up your available stash and then pick the item you want to use.

Overall I want to say I really enjoyed the game which is very fasinating.