Here are the ten new games hitting app stores this week that stood out to us as the most worth trying.

Top 10 New Mobile Games You Need to Play This Week

 1.Don’t Grind by Laser Dog

Genre: Arcade Developer:Laser Dog

Don’t Grind fall into category of simplistic games  which are hiding a tons of subtle depth, and always use the simple controls which is totally natural on touchscreen. They have introduced the character banana with googly eyes falling towards a menacing buzzsaw. The goal of game is simple to keep your character  googly eyed banana or any of the dozens of other wacky options, from being ground to death by the buzzsaws at the bottom of the screen or by a number of other hazards that will come in from all directions. You just tap anywhere randomly on screen to bounce your character like keep up” soccer ball bouncing games, and you can swipe in any direction to nudge your character left or right. As suggested the entire concept sounds simple but you should avoid death by sawblade is top priority, stars also appear randomly on screen. Collecting starts will earn you points. Laser Dogs have developed game same way as previous one PKTBAll



2.Dominocity By NoStopSign, Inc.

Genre:Arcade Developer:NostopSign

You know what I always love the idea of dominoes more than the actual execution. Who had the space to make cool layouts like the kind you saw on TV, or one one assumes these days, on the internet? Dominocity helps solve those logical issues by turning the whole process virtual, Challenging you to place dominoes so  they fall exactly the way they need to in order to keep those crazy chains going. It also as appealing art style and just looks relaxing. Which looks perfectly good with entire theme



 3.Plantera By VaragtP Studios AB

Genre:RPG Developer:Varagtp Studios AB

Plantera is a game where you control little blue character and help it plant and grow a garden, complete with trees, other Kinds of plants, bushes and even animals. But please don’t get confuse you’re not supposed to plant those. Eventually, critters are going to want the Veggies and fruits you’ve got, so you have to plan a way to protect your crops as well. Farming sims are a dime a dozen, but this side-scroller has its own unique aesthetic and looks like it allows you to choose how active you want to be



4.Little Lords of Twilight by Bkom

Genre:Strategy  Developer:BKom

Little Lords of Twilight developed by BKom a deep turn-based scrapper that takes pieces of the MOBA genre and weaved them into its strategy underbelly. And the end result is a beefy game that feels far more involved than a lot of the recent MOBA twists we’ve seen on the Appstore. This game is a clever, bright and with card-collecting mechanics thrown in as well, there’s an awful lot here to sink your teeth into. In this game you sees two heroes taking one another on. They have a deck of cards they can use to fire spells and summon minions, but they’re also capable of doing damage themselves. In the game movement takes place on a grid, and you’ve got a set amount of points to spend each turn I’ts pretty standard turn-based stuff and everything in game is presented in smart and intuitive way. There are a few tutorials which will help you out and once you’re through them you’re left to your own devices



5.Rome:Total war

Genre:Strategy Developer:Federal Interactive

In the game heat of the action, you can select & direct single units or your whole army with ease. You can also select multiple units by holding down on the screen and drawing round them which is near -useless. With the pause facility offered by game you can take advantage in the top-left, though, it doesn’t matter. You can just stop the fighting, wander your eye over the field and issue new orders to anyone out of place. Veterans of the series on PC will find you need to pause a lot more often than usual. But that’s a small price to pay to get such an astonishing package on your iPad. With skill and cunning you can beat superior armies. Equally, lack of forethought can see you defeated by weaker ones. Battles ebb and flow and need you to make tweaks and decisions on the fly.

And this game is turn-based system which puts you in charge of a noble Roman family. From modest beginnings you’ll build and grow your cities, research new technologies and expand your empire. The goal is to become Roman emperor and conquer most of the world.


6.Jade Empire BY Aspyr Media

Genre:Strategy Developer:Aspyr Media, Inc.

Jade Empire developed by Aspyr Media Bioware’s action heavy Kung -Fu RPG jade Empire which is primary known as Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy, and space operas. Jade Empire was a martial arts fantasy  action RPG inspired by wuxia films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers. This game is developers first real-time action into the RPG framework that had become known for, a blend that woulds  be revisited with greater success in the Mass Effect series. In game jade Empire you taking the role of the prized stuent of Master Li, a wise and powerful man who runs a training school just outside of a small countryside town. You’re limited to select one of several characters and connot alter their appearance, since they they appear in the game’s pre-rendered movie sequences. troble comes looking, kicking off your journey across the land. and you’ll meet new people,  along the way, and even engage in a little vertical shoot-em-up mini-game. You will also learn your true destiny, learn the backstories of the interesting people you travel with, and if you play your cards right, you might even find love while you’re at it.




7.Aurora – Puzzle Adventure By Silverback Games

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Silverback Games

Game Aurora developed by Silverback Games which is a fresh new take on the match-three genre that is perfect for cat lovers out there While Aurora also takes place in a surreal environment, which are floating structures in a dreamlike skyscape setting that are filled with colorful, vibrant blocks. Aurora, the protagonist in the game whic is rendered with character model with natural movements and the cats that must reunite with are kust downright adorable. Along the way you’ll collect magical that can charge your hammer which is capable to break hardcore ice blocks & there are even treasure chests that can be filled with some collectible artifact goodies to help you in your quest of reuniting with Aurora’s feline friends. The goal of the game is simple — clear out the blocks that are in your path by matching them up in groups of three, and then Aurora can find a path to get to her cats. But perspective is everything in this game, so check all of your options first before making a move.

The game is not easy as it seems puzzles do get more complex as you go, as various elemental blocks are introduced, as well as spikes, spinning cubes, and more. There are even bonus levels with some nice rewards if you manage to clear out all of the blocks before finding your cat.


8.Melody Monsters By Etermax

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Etermax

Melody Monsters is so named because in playing the game you’ll be making melodies by matching monsters. Well, the free-to-play Melody Monsters might just be the perfect game for you. As you continue to play a games for a long time you’ll also be familiarized with the different musical styles with a little help from characters from Trivia Crack, whose creator, Etermax, is also behind Melody Monsters. With the help of controls you over three or more monsters of the same kind, you’ll hear sweet tunes. To win each level of the game, you need to make the required number of matches or beat the music-hating enemies before you run out of moves.




9.The Collider 2 By Shortbreak Studios

Genre:Arcade Developer:Shortbreak Studios

Game The Collider 2 developed by Shortbreak studios has very clearer setting. A giant alien craft is firing lasers at Earth, and you, in your dinky little starfighter, are going to fly up its rear and destroy it from the inside.  Each mission has one of four objectives: beat the clock, collect all the orbs, destroy all the blocks, and the final mission of a sector is a boss fight. Completing a mission awards medals, and as you would expect, finishing within the time limit, collecting or destroying everything, and beating the boss quickly will award you all three medals. Unlocking more levels is achieved by earning more medals—it’s the classic mobile game formula.



10.Devilian By GAMEVIL Inc.

Genre:Strategy Developer:GAMEVIL Inc

The whole “use evil to fight evil” thing has worked out pretty well for heroes like Ghost Rider and Spawn. Devilian is in that vein, as you choose from one of three characters with some devil in them, then tap that power to fight the forces of evil. Works for us. Plus we’re suckers for a good action RPG with lots of enemies to fight, good graphics and the promise of plenty of ways to gear and level up. If Devilian can deliver on even two of those three things, it’ll be worth a download.