Super Cat Bros – Take a role of Super Cat with incredibly fun platformer

Super Cat Bros

Genre:Arade Developer:Neutronized games

I love Cats very much so this remains one of my favorite game ever The cats of super Cats are therefore wildy inaccurate, they have given more power than willing to run around everywhere, climbing Walls, swimming and generally platforming all over the place. Thus Super Cat Tales does provide an extreme fun, brilliant and well-performed platforming experience you should not miss out on.

The cat is on a quest to rescue his siblings, grab bling, and just avoid getting killed. Even though this chynky retro cat effectively has infinite lives, he’d still love to escape from being boiled alive in lava or horribly impaled. The alex will intially do an awful a lot of dying if your games are anything like ours. Even though Super Cats might look like its crawled out of a NES it certainley doesn’t control like a typical platformer. The goal of Super Cat Tales is pretty understood – you need to move just from the left of the screen to the right of it, avoiding enemies, picking up items and finally making reaching to end of level.


Controls in the game are simple and straightforward walking handled by tapping and holding the left or right side of the screen depends upon which way you want to go. swift double-tap triggers your cat run at full speed, if you sprint off the edge of a platform, you’ll leap through the air. Trying to walk into walls starts you off climbing them, you can do stunts like wall-jump to gain access to higher locations and small passages embedded in the walls.

There’s a variety of cats are offered in game to play as too, each with their own set of skills, you unlock more cats with super powers like break through walls, swim against strong currents, and access dark places with The first can run furthest up walls. The some stages have hidden exits that unlock secret levels, and you need to do some back-tracking to make the most of these new cats. As well as collectibles that can only be picked up when you have the required cat in your party . The game is designed lovely has only two “buttons” to control it, Super Cat Tales is fantastically well-designed. You won’t be confused or frustrated at any point

cat2Super Cat Tales is truely a adorable game, with unique graphics, appealing attention found in every corner, you yourself discover lots of fun in the core of game.