Steamworld Heist – A new turn-based strategy game with a few points...

Steamworld Heist – A new turn-based strategy game with a few points help it stand out in an increasingly-crowded genre


SteamWorld Heistis a wonderful game that fused elements of crafting games and side-scrolling action-adventure games

Steamworld Heist

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer:Image & Form International AB

The game SteamWorld Heist ia an outstanding strategy game from Swedish game studio Image & Form and this game reminds me a lot of Firefly — and that’s all kinds of okay. takes you around cow boy talk and the outskirts of civilization/ frontier feeling all this makes hard to avoid it really. SteamWorld Heist follows the exploits of Captain Piper Faraday, the leader of a ragtag band of space pirates. Captain Piper Faraday has a problem a bunch of nasty scrapper bots have been muscling in on her territory, hijacking ships and Kipnapping Settlers all over making her life difficult

When a new threat called the Scrappers threatens bring thr heavy hand of the law down on her part of space, she decides to do what she can to keep business running smoothly for everyone. This effects in translating to zooming from mission to mission, escaping with their loot because don’t forget even you are pirates, blasting robotic space pirates using an arsenal of weapons, There are some interesting stuffs in between missions you can swing by the local Space Bar to pick up new gear and maybe recruit a helping hand or two. And in some scenarios Faraday finds herself with barely any gallons to her name (because steam powered robots, har har) and a skeleton of a crew at her command. Things aren’t going well, basically. Somebody has to deal with the scrapper problem waves, and it might as well be her – and any other bots she can persuade to join her along the way and game allows you with three areas each filled with a number of procedurally-generated stages, capped off with a battle against a tricky boss.


Speaking about overall games setting and the lovely characters I can’t help it but found Steamworld Heist very appealing. Were I love how the crew roster begins to fill out as you bring more hands aboard, Old West meets space mash-up and I love love how each crew member has their own distinct look and personality, with futuristic steampunk art style everything gives vague sort of painterly quality to it with cleverly painted quality to it. I know there is no words to explain Each level you play out using 2D turn-based squad tactics. Good thing is characters can be moved XCOM style, with a “safe” range that will let them attack or otherwise act after repositioning and some option allows them to move further by sacrificing their chance to act for the rest of the turn.

The big gameplay twist is that unlike many turn-based strategy games, you’re playing SteamWorld Heist from a side-view. Each of your characters in gameplay will move a certain distance and perform an action on their turn, but without any depth to work with, you have to think several times before taking any decisions to position. It’s easier to surround an enemy, which works both ways. You can take cover behind a numerous of objects, but only one bot will fit behind any given chunk of debris. If you have already played strategy type gameplay form an overhead point of view, you’re going to need to think in different way in the game. Another very fasinating thing you will be doing is in aiming your shots. Most of your weapons will fire bullets that ricochet off walls and objects, sometime you can use for your advantage. in turn enemies can do the same to you, giving you one more thing to keep in mind as you play.

When you go on clearing stages and pick up loot, you’ll be able to upgrade your crew ina variety of ways. Finishinh levels with a intact earns them some experience points, helping them reach new levels that unlock abilities and skills. The loot you pickup might inckude items or weapons that you can quip for various effects, or water you can use to buy said items from the Space Bars  .These stars you earn in each stage ranks you from one to three stars based on how well you performed and translating those stars into reputation points which later need to open new stages and recruit new crew members, buy special items you can see various benefit to mastering each stage. And each stage is a relatively short affair once you master it , but the opportunities for strategically-satisfying encounters are many.

It’s a simple system that is a bit trickier than you might expect. It could have simply been a matter of point-and-shoot, but characters’ arms will waver slightly while you’re aiming, requiring you to pay extra close attention to angles and timing. Firearms with laser sights do make shots a little bit easier – especially at long range – but there’s still a fair bit of uncertainty to it.


In the game their is a potential for a bit of crew customization. Each bot you find abroad will belong to one of a few general combat classes, but there’s a bit of twist room within them. Some might start to learn skills as they level-up that make them more adaptable to a broder variety of combat situations while others may become even expert at whatever it is they do best. Weapons can also be useful in other way in determining factor in how you use certain crew, and everyone can equip extra gear that will have all sorts of effects.So if you want to have extremely action close combat specialist or a heavily armored sniper you totally can. In any genre where even a single stage tends to require a relatively long time commitment then you can have success in any stage having this kind of bite-sized level structure stands out. The game is surprisingly long, as well, offering up around 12-15 hours of gameplayand with plenty to do things

In other words Steamworld Heist is a great game. From the world of the style to the characters and to the gameplay. with lots of fun and pretty much like a no-brainer if you’re fan of turn-based tactics