Sally’s law help sally to meet her Dad in this remarkable adventurous game

Sally’s Law by Von Nanali

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Nanali Studios

Sally’s law developed by Nanali Studios is exactly opposite to Murphy’s Law when everything goes unbelievably perfect with no hiccups, The story of Sally’s Law is a sad one this plays into the game itself in a very interesting way. Sally receives word that her father is critically ill, so she sets out on a journey to go see him, and she has to make her way back to her childhood home to see him one last time. And absolutely nothing will stand her way. That’s due to her father’s spirit is guideing right alongside her and helping her out by triggering switches that will remove dangers from Sally’s path.

The game takes on standpoint were you’ll complete a level as Sally, and then immediately replay the level as her father’s spirit, Father ensures that sally is completely free from trouble route through that same level. Along the way the backstory of Sally and her father slowly discover and as you can tell by the aesthetics and music in the trailer, You take a role of sally and her father through each level, but the duality isn’t just in gameplay because it’s also shown from a story perspective throughout the game each speaks on what happend in their lives from childhood to the present instance, offering their take on what they feel should have been how each person lived their life. I too have a children so from the aspect , I can relate specifically, but I can certainly feel the emotional beats and understand how this could possibly give actual parents even more emotion throughout the story, especially if they’ve gone through something similar. Sometime I feel its odd to play casual puzzle game can feature a mature story, but its not abnormal for me. I totally love the idea that goes into bridging those gaps and feel it works well here.


Sally is moving the whole time and the only way she stops is if she hits a wall and falls down the death pit.  All you need to do make her leap on right time. The father by contrast, just moves where you move him, you cann’t make him jump freely has a specific purpose to his movements, which I’ll let you find yourself because it’s story related. The controls i the game are simple and straighforward. Ability of sally is to only jump and with this feature the button you use to do so can be held down to have her constantly jumping upon landing. And sometimes this leads to issues where you need to hop over pits in succession. And game has very little in the way of penalties, it wasn’t as big a problem as it could have been. Levels aren’t very long and they’re broken up into sections that act as checkpoints, so you need not to worry to get back to where you faltered.

Sally’s Law is a play on Murphy’s Law, because with her law nothing goes wrong, unlike Murphy’s. However Sally’s has a specific reason for that, and it’s a touching one. I really enjoyed the touching feeling of helping Sally get to her dad one last time at any costs Nothing can stand her way. Its a short and sweet gameplay with satisfaction in the completion and you don’t get bored, on the other, you don’t have much incentive to replay it unless you fall in love with the story or are a completionist. And in the end, it’s really up to the individual player to decide whether to go back or not, but before that, this is still a game worthy of being in your mobile collection puzzle game. A sad, yet touching story with simple mechanics and puzzles for a good price.  You could do so much worse.