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Mikey Jumps

Genre:Adventure Developer:BeaverTap Games

The game Mikey Jumps developed by You might know in his previous adventures game he uses hooks, even shorts boots. And its a simple game with great platforms also Mikey games have always been about precise platforming, a gameplay mechanic that usually involves all kinds of jumping. So what’s the difference with new games?  They’re quite appealing, simple platformwers with decent edge that have kept many entertained for a long while. And its already greeted with some degree of anticipation and is a pared back entry to the series , Mikey Jumps mostly warrants that anticipation. And game can’t be probably not as good as the other games in the series, but it does what it sets out to do and it does it with a level of aplomb that other titles can only dream of and game sees you controlling Mikey. But this time its bit different rather than moving through a series of levels, you’re running through short bursts of single screen platforming fun.

The game is all about your mainline games and spin-off that Mikey automatically runs forward at the times and your job is to make sure you’re hitting that jump button at the right times to keep Mikey (or friends) alive, collect lots of coins, and grab the star at the end of each stage. If you are expecting same kind of challenges the previous games set forth, you may be disappointed because this is far more streamlined straightforward type of platformer the levels are designed to fit all single-screen affairs, and you’ll be able to see everything in each stage right from the get-go. And you won’t be sniffing out secrets and exploring. Rather than you’ll br making your way through a 200 -level gauntlet of challenges that draw on all of the skills from previous Mikey games. You’ll need to jump, grapple, and boot-rocket with precision to survive. The chapters are divided into 10-levels sets, and you only get a finite number of lives to clear each set.


You feel Mikey Jumps is like a rad Mikey series clipshow with all of your favourite gags & moments spliced in rapid succession. It’s a different kind of loveliness than the regular Mikey games. And get to the star, you’ll jump upto next screen. Rinse and repeat each run gives you three tries to begin with. Lose them all and you’re dropped back to the start of the section you’ve made it Each level tasks you with making it to the start at the end a series of obstacles. There are also coins to collect along  the way that can be used in a draw that givs you new parts to customize your character with also to unlock options. Various types of levels follow rules like jumping challenges, some require you to swing from your hook, and other you would be using rocket boots, and many contain a mix of all these elements. While the levels are bit sized, many of them present quite a challenge to pull in right way

And whole together pretty nicely executed well. The controls are sharp, and while there is a level of challenge here, also a leniency to the game that means you’re never under super frustrated by it. At the same time you’re never quite blast into the experience like you were with the other Mikey games. It’s good, but it’s not great. Mikey shorts was awesome but Mikey Jumps features some seriously densely-packed levels. where it carries good fun in and of themselves also you come across competitive elements, most notably speedrunning. By its auto-running nature, Mikey Jumps can’t really do that sort of thing.


Mikey Jumps is free to play with ads appearing each time you run out of lives so be prepared to die a lot. And  If you want to get rid of those ads, there are a bunch of optional IAPs you can purchase. Buying any of them will remove the ads from the game. There are several $0.99 packs of customization parts you can buy if you don’t want to wait to unlock them. It fun in short bursts, but when you really want to sink your teeth into it you’ll find that a lot of what it has to offer just isn’t very filling at all. And game is floating with oozing charm