These are the Best mobile games of the week you need to play on weekends

Top 10 New Mobile Games You Need to Play This Week


1.The Trail A Frontier Journey

Genre:RPG Developer:Congregate

Legendary game designer Peter Molyneux returns to mobile with a new game about walking and discovering and blazing a trail, but to do that, you’ll walk through environments that will leave you breathless. Here players adopt the role of frontier pioneers as they journey through unknown lands in search of adventure and fortune! then players take to the trails as they follow their chosen path through remarkable backdrops and lush environments as they collect resources, craft items, complete quests and activities and trade with other characters to expedite their adventure before finally finding that perfect place to settle down and create the idyllic life! Players are gently eased into the game through a helpful tutorial that guides players thoroughly without being to chaos.

During the course of their paths players will unlock numerous skills, options and thus mini goals which can be categorised into the following distinctions of pioneer life; Lumberjack, Hunter, Explorer, Trader Rach have their own ease and attributes difficulty of gameplay and as such each should be trialed before focusing on a specific path.




2. ZenDots 2: One Dot’s Journey by Little White Bear Studios,

 Genre:Puzzle Developer:Little White Bear Studios


The  game is known for their sequel to their well-received spin on the brick-breaking formula ZenDots. The game is about single dot and isn’t actually a pinball gamer a brick breaking game at all. You’l usually swipe anywhere on the screen to propel this single little dot through some extremely chaotic environments, knocking down blocks and dots to complete a level.
The sequel was quite a different beast though, and its subtitle, Here in One Dot’s journey you will be playing as a single dot navigate through complex mazes of obstacles as you attempted to make your way around  and break every brick on the screen. And you can see its still brick-breaker at heart. Despite being quite different formats predecessor, ZenDots 2: One Dot’s Journey seems like an entertaining ride. Little White Bear has proven over the years they are capable of making both challenging and engaging experiences with a clean aesthetic and soothing tunes. You can see gestures to propel your character along imperfect cell, oftentimes through tight spaces or amongst moving pieces of scenery. It was a lot of fun, frequently challenging, and a perfect fit for a touchscreen game.


3.  The Adventures Of Tacheman (by Wiremuch)

Game The Adventure of Tacheman developed by Wiremuch mustached, blocky heroes who shoot their best weapon: mustaches. In the game you ca kill most enemies by either leaping on them or shooting on bunch of enemies. The goals for each level include collecting as many gold coins as you can as well as bowler hats red and black of course, making it end of the level and along way you collect these moustaches and extra health by jumping up to hit special boxes

Your scores for each level will be tallied, including the number of times your Tacheman dies.  You can experience Tacheman has limited abilities like great heights you won’t be able to jump and walls were you can’t be reached with his moustaches. Also you are introduced to play with three Tachemen, you have to complete the basic Tacheman stages, which is a long series of levels. One major drawback of the game is  you can’t quit the game and come back to choose a level to play, but only resume from where you last left off or start again from zero.




4. Space Food Truck by  One Man Left

Genre:Aracde Developer:One Man Left

How you feel when cooperative multiplayer digital board games sound to you? weird but intriguing Right? that’s the premise of Space Food Truck you play up four players working together to deliver delicious food to a bunch of planets. Your job is simple deliver delectable dishes to different planets across the galaxy. You can see its not simple; Space Food Truck demands that you juggle many objectives at once, as you must play cards to command each member of your cute alien crew, put meals together, charge your FTL drive, and repair your ship after it’s damaged through accidents and interstellar hazards. You can choose many suitable characters from the scientist to the chief, has their own unique cards and skills that come into play in specific scenarios. Think your door is damaged, move the engineer to that room. Need to upgrade your crew, use the scientist. And so on, playing cards from your deck to place characters in different rooms and perform actions.

In game yu can play locally, either solo to learn the ropes or passing the device between online asynchronously or friends. Of course you may all end dying together for a while before  delivery business becomes successful.



5.DC Legends By Warner Bros.

Genre: Action & ADventure Developer:Warner Bros.

You see its only the matter of time until somebody took the Star War:Galaxy of Heroes old and applied it to a property with an even bigger cast of characters. DC Legends is a collecta-thon RPG in the Galaxy of Heroes Vein, and it features the one thing that is’s spacey competition is missing :a story



 6. Galaga Wars (by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe)

Genre:Action Developer:Bandai Namco

If you ask a casual question to players of a certain age to list their all-time favorite games, Galaga will come up frequently. It’s certainly one of my favourite And Galaga Wars are fantastic modern version where no retro gamer should miss.

Game part of Galaga Wars are so ridiculously simple to play. Even your kids could pick up your phone and get the immediate idea what to do. Firing is conducted automatically saving you the hassle, You participate in a series of alien waves with flurries of enemies coming at your casual points. In typical Galaya Style they come in a set pattern I mean you can line yourself up just right to take them out swiftly. As play progresses, their number increases massively, leading you to having to react quickly and dodge the many bullets coming your way. At some point huge boss battles emerge, leaving you to dodge a wealth of bullets. Inevitably, death comes soon enough, but that’s kind of the point of Galaga Wars. I feel like It works like a roguelike, almost.



7.  Asphalt Xtreme (by Gameloft)

Genre:Racing Developer:Gameloft

when you play Asphalt Xtreme for atleast two hours you feel like as log as there have been mobile phones there has been the Asphalt series of racing games. And series is now in its 12th year and with the latest entry Asphalt Xtreme, you still feel everything feel just like it was before because while it is still an enjoyable racer with fast cars and interesting environments, some of its design decisions are stuck in the past. Game is all about as straight-forward a racing game you can get. You pick a car, it goes forward very quickly, and you need to steer it. were steering is handled by physically moving phone left or right with use of rough tilts causing you to drift around particularly bothersome corners.

You experience Asphalt Xtreme like a nostalgia trip than a new racing game. That’s not entirely bad – the racing is fun, the tracks are well designed, and the graphics are beefed up for the modern era.



8.Cue [D] (By Spiel Studios)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Spiel Studios

Cue developed by Spiel Studios which is a new take on traditional game of billiards rather than the classic cue sports game route, The game Cue combines puzzles with pool for a welcome challenge,  Cue is a level based and challenge you against 100 stages for you to go through from the get-go. There aren’t different level packs or chapters- it’s all just one against pack of puzzles, and you’ll have to go through them in order. The game unlocks around two stages after the one you’re currently on, you can just skip the stages.

so if you’re a super pro, then you can try to complete the level faster. You earn bronze, silver, or gold medals on each stage depending on how fast you are and how many shots you took, so less is more here.



9.Mine Blitz  By Pine Entertainment

Genre:Arcade Developer:Pine Entertainment

Mine Blitz developed by Pine Entertainment a fast-paced platformer game. Game is favourite for gold miners .The game consists of simple taps dig with your mine in miner. This consists of many squares of rock, earth, bombs, gold and more. Tapping her on the display, the worker digs down the ground a little further down, to rebound there again and again from obstacles constantly from left to right and then again from right to left to run. You have to be careful about all the checkpoints like not to dig near bombs or collide with other dangers which will return you to the last activated checkpoint. The power-ups and upgrades will allow you to improve your Miner And equip it with PowerUps. Then, for example, you can use magnetic gold to tap gold coins to earn even more gold.




10.LONELY SUN – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand Rinikulous Games Corp.

Genre:Arcade Developer:Von Rinikulous Games Corp.

The game Lonely Sun is a mini planet on the surface gaint planets fly to collect five small planet cores in each level last but no least to create a solitary sun. Each planets has three sections with total 15 challenging levels, which completely different fof etcher through their features. It is flown by a simple wiper, followed by the small planet. What sounds simple, but requires a lot of skill to fly, but with nimble fingers through the levels. Because there are countless dangers waiting for you. The game is a mixer of numerous dangerous narrow tunnels and dodges so be ready