YANKAI’S TRIANGLE beat the puzzle game in Triangle style



The game is about geometric gaming in the form of Yankai’s Traiangle. The game use mechanics sillier to Triominoes. It’s a puzzle game developed by Kenny Sun, Task is simple where you will rotate triangle 360 degree with coloured points in order to match them up.

I can say its regarding its puzzle game status because there are puzzle games which genuinely give our brain simulation to grind away, influenceing itself to find a solution , and there are puzzle games which don’t really involve much puzzling but yourself can mange to find the solution. Right now i’m on beginning on my level but’I’ve only found a bit of grit to the puzzles a couple of times. Once where- you know when you get comfy with the way something works and the designer uses that to pull the rug from under you in teasing way-  Yankai Triangle is definitely in the latter camp These happened to made me grin and have to go back through the trianglesand re-rder some of them. The other time was level 34 were the game through the triangles and re-order some of them. Through my playing experience when it almost completed 15 levels the game introduced me a new elements to the triangle which made me employ a bit more thought when finding the solution than just controlling the shapes idly


But game is not extremely difficult seem to be comprehensible difficulty progression so that new mechanic has disappeared again for the following two levels and  I just love this twist tails. I’ll be honest, without that extra mechanic I explained but don’t want to spoil, the possibility space feels too small for the player to need to work for solutions. At most you’ll just need to go ack through a few layers of previously played-together triangles to rotate one or two of them a few times that busy schedule rather than challenging. But there is something special here that I really love few things & that I think has real potential beyond what’s actually in the game so far that I’ve seen.


The other think I like is that the triangles slot together then let you zoom out to the next layer of triangles. One thing I observed that sun’s previous game was Circa Infinity which was about travelling deeper into layers of concentric circles, ever expanding until you reached the enemy boss. There’s more an expansion and contraction of geometry theme here which is just really like as someone’s personal game hallmark.

I need to explain my experience on levels I played which is more interesting with new elements and I think it was a boss level? The shapes had teeth.Its really good for Kids