Parallyzed by Double Coconut LLC is a challenging runner game with mix of puzzle.

Parallyzed:Surreal Platform Runner

Genre:Action& Adventure Developer:Double Coconut LLC

Today Double Coconut has launched a new game called Paralysed. A challenging platformer  Runner game out sistery love. Some of their titles are Entwined challenge, Duet game and Almost impossible then you will surely love paralysed theme. Which is an atmospheric arcade -platformer that features the popular dark theme style of visuals, with a collared background to ring a little life to the darkness.

While Paralysed is a runner at the core. you will be controlling a pair of twins, Blue and Red. Even though these are twin sisters, that have different abilities, personalities and attributes. The storyline is very interesting like a horror movie with a little twisted, the twin sisters are deeply connected to each other like wiki network. One day, the older sister, Red goes into a jealous moment and pushes her younger sister Blue off of a swing, which resulted in her paralysis. With Red’s unique ability to enter Blue’s mind, she hopes to work with her to help bring her back from her coma and into the real world.


The task in each stage is to help both Red and Blue reach the endpoint in one piece Utterly devastated, Red finds that she can enter Blue’s mind and they can work together to bring Blue back out of her coma and into waking life. And its harder than it seems, since you have to match them to their proper glowing light orbs and prepare for fight dangers spikes and other hazards along the way. You play as both sisters simultaneously Red and Blue have the ability to swap bodies at any time. And these sisters to make their way through an ever-difficult, spooky landscapes that keeps trying to block their progress. Also remember each sisters size and color


Playing simultaneously as both sisters, you’ve got to work the levels, taking advantage of sister’s precious gifts to see them safely through. But think fast, this runner doesn’t stop for anyone and it’s up to keep a hold of your nerves and swap between sisters accordingly. Controls in parallyzed are bit chaos you need to control both sisters at the same time as they run alongside each other in parallel platforms. If you tap on the left side of the screen, the sisters will jump. A tap on the right side of the screen lets them swap placed with one another. The jump starts out simple enough, but as you get further along, he levels pick up the pace, Also throw hazards at you.

I love these quirky puzzler, with the mix of the platforms parlayed is an interesting take on the platformer genre which is out on iOS and Android. which resembles Limbo with its bright and dark story set in an enchanting dreamscape.